Easy Homemade Everything Bagels

Everything Bagels Easy Homemade RecipeHmm what to do with rainy weekend? Why make some homemade bagels of course! I truly love bagels, almost as much a breakfast tacos. But somehow they seem a little bit more indulgent and little more special. Is it because I can’t get them on every street corner in Austin at anytime of day? Is it because if I were to make them myself then they take a little more invest of my sweet weekend time? Maybe. Bagels were something I ate a lot more of as kid than I do these days. Maybe simply because growing up breakfast tacos weren’t much of thing were I lived. I still like to grab a bagel and cream cheese anytime I am in an airport. Not really sure why because of most of the time they are a bit of a disappointment. I think it’s just some sorta nostalgia I have for the gluttonous breakfast pastry! When I came across this recipe that says you can make these in less than two hours, well I knew what my weekend plans were!

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Warm Honey Lemon Water

Warm Honey Lemon Water 4Lately I have been sprucing up my morning routine. I have to admit I was sorta of getting in a little rut. Waking up late, skipping breakfast or grabbing tacos on the way into the office, maybe skipping that morning shower or walk with dog, you know normal running out the door kind of stuff. Now this comes as a little surprise to me since I have always been, or at least considered myself to be, a morning person. I love mornings. I love getting up early and getting things done while everyone else is sleeping. It makes me feel productive and energized throughout the rest of my day. So when this habit started to slip a little bit, so did everything else. It was like having life clutter or something. I was losing those precious hours and its not like I that extra sleep was helping, my alarm was still going off I was just choosing to snooze right on through. Now, I am still occasionally guilty of that, but really I have been trying to get back on the wagon with a great morning routine.

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Pumpkin French Toast Waffles

Pumpkin French Toast Waffles _Natalie Paramore 1

Who is as excited as I am about Thanksgiving next weekend? I mean hello my entire existence revolves around food! This is my mecca of day if you know what I mean. I am kicking off my celebration on Sunday with 5o or so of my closest friends for a Friendsgiving Fiasco! Have y’all gotten into the Friendsgiving thing? I’m telling it is where it’s at. I love seeing all the different traditions and family recipes come together. Lots of fellowship, lots of wine, oh and I got a fire pit this year. Hello pumpkin pie smores! This girl is comin’ atcha so you better watch out (better not cry… ok ok too soon)

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