Fit Friday: A Workout You Can Do In Your Hotel Room

Workout You Can Do In Your Hotel Room_Natalie Paramore

It’s Fit Friday time again! I’ve been working out hard the past month at Athletic Outcomes and have been loving all the progress I’ve been seeing! But as usual, BMW and I are headed off to another adventure soon. I am really excited about going to China but I really don’t want to derail all the workout progress I’ve been making lately. So this month I planned ahead and teamed up with my friend Sydney, who is a fitness instructor and an influencer, to create the perfect workout you can do in your hotel room! Or anywhere really! 

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Fit Fridays with Dr. Brittaney Cook from Athletic Outcomes

Athletic Outcomes in Austin_Natalie Paramore
Y’all I had the best workout this morning! Seriously. Not only was it tough and I really felt like I got the most out of that hour but the whole experience was super positive and the coaches were awesome. They were so encouraging and actually took time to correct my form multiple times, which shows how much they care! That’s why I am SO excited about today’s Fit Friday! This husband and wife team are the real deal y’all. I am going back to Athletic Outcomes on Tuesday for another workout, so come join me! I mean your first class is free so what do you have to lose?

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Fun & Free Workouts During May in Austin

Rooftop Yoga_Natalie ParamoreI am literally squeezing in this Fit Friday at the last minute! Which kind of seems how things have been going for me all month, ha! Even with the best of intentions, having such an irregular schedule can make it difficult to keep up with workouts on the reg. I’ve been taking advantage of the cooler(ish) mornings and taking long walk/jogs with my pup on trail. I definitely want to get back into my Crush workouts which always leave me feeling balling. But the hot weather is looming on the horizon (like as in the this afternoon) and we are about to start living in short shorts, breezy dresses and swim suits here in Austin. I want to feel strong and toned while baring all this extra skin. So I have rounded up some great fun and free workouts in May in Austin! Whether you are coming in town for the weekend or just want to try out some new workouts, here is a list of a few of my favorites + a few donation workouts for a good cause!

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Fit Fridays with Joe Vennare From Fitt Austin

Fitt Austin_Natalie Paramore

Happy Fit Friday! And congratulations to all of us for surviving March! Between SXSW, some huge trade shows for my clients, the first day of spring and a quick trip to Paris, this month has really flown by. I haven’t been the greatest about keeping up with my workouts this month but I have been taking every opportunity to walk little Meems in this gorgeous weather (check out her adorable bluebonnet photo this year!) I got introduced to Fitt Austin recently and thought it would make for a fun feature this month. 

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Fit Fridays with Alex Lynch from Flywheel

Flywheel Domain Austin Image

This month I’ve taken a lot of time to focus on my health. I did this crazy detox diet to find out if I was allergic to anything and I’m not. Which is great news! I took a lot of workout classes and even checked out the new Flywheel at the Domain! They invited me and a bunch friends to try out a spin class and we had a lot of fun. We headed up to the Domain on a Saturday morning to get our sweat on and the out to brunch. Really, we should do this more often ladies! I am digging this group fitness thing. When your world is filled with tons of delicious food, it’s really nice to focus on healthy stuff sometimes!

We checked out Alex Lynch’s class and loved his energy! So naturally he is our Fit Friday this month!

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Fit Fridays with Joe Royal from Soul Cycle Austin


Welp January is allllmost here and that means this is the last Fit Friday of 2016! Wow, this year has really flown by. Lucky for us, Austin got some sweet new workout studios that will have us riding our way to a healthier 2017. I got the chance to check out Soul Cycle Domain earlier this year and love that we get a piece of the NYC craze down here in ATX. I am even more excited that they are opening a location in downtown Austin that is a bit closer to where I live. In the meantime, the Domain location has tons to offer like being right next to Whole Foods, Flower Child and not to mention parking. If you’re looking for a way to mix up your workouts this coming year, Soul Cycle Austin is just what ya need!

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Fit Fridays with Jessica Fajans from CorePower Yoga


Happy day after Thanksgiving! I hope you are all feeling stuffed with love and gratefulness. This is absolutely my most favorite time of year. I am a total sucker for everything holiday. And yes, that totally includes crazy holiday treats, meals and drinks. And lights, and decorations and yes my Christmas tree went up before Thanksgiving this year! (Thanks BMW!) But most of all this season, I am trying to take little time keep up with my workouts, be more purposeful about what I put in my body and give myself a little time to meditate, pray and be intentional with my days.

Since it’s Fit Friday I thought giving us all a little reminder about the wonderful benefits of yoga would be helpful during this stressful (and fun too!) holiday season. A big thanks to my friend Jessica Fajans for being our Fit Friday this month! She teaches at CorePower Yoga here in Austin and we’ll dive into all her favorite things!

PS- major shoutout to my friend Jessica Johnson for providing all the gorgeous photography today! Check out her work @jessijoh if you’re looking for a photographer in Austin.

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Fit Friday with Cami Kirschner from The Barre Code Austin


I can’t believe it is almost November! Seriously, this year has been flying by. And despite some of my best efforts, fitness hasn’t made the top of the list. Luckily, between all my travels I was able to sneak a few classes at The Barre Code in Austin on South Lamar! Different than a traditional classes, it’s more high-intensity and getting that cardio and toning all in one. Plus, Cami, the owner, is like the nicest person ever! You’ll want to go back just to hang out with her. And there’s a whole parking lot on-site, so parking is never a problem when you’re trying to squeeze a workout into your hectic schedule, whew. Now I am going to kick it over to Cami Kirschner, Owner + Master Trainer of The Barre Code Austin to give us a background on her passion for barre and her fav eats in town!

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Fit Fridays with Bryan Gonzalez from LOVE Cycling Studio

For this month’s edition of Fit Fridays, I am lucky enough to feature my friend Bryan Gonzalez! He works in food, just like me, and also teaches spin at LOVE Cycling Studio! So he’s the perfect workout, foodie guru that totally gets that boozy life balance we are all trying to achieve. Plus, he’s got two adorable pooches and I know you all love dogs as much as me.
I got the chance to check out Bryan’s class on Sunday morning with a  few of my friends. Lucky for us it was a Selena v. Selena ride! #obsessed It was pure greatness and the best way to get my day started! Can’t wait for my next class! Now, I’m kicking it over to Bryan!

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Fit Fridays with Jennifer Pierce Yoga & Holistic Health Coach

Jennifer Pierce Yoga Coach
It’s time for Fit Fridays again! After a long (but somehow so short!) summer of traveling, I thought what better for Fit Friday than my beach loving, urban yogi, traveling wanderluster to teach us a couple of moves you can use anytime, any place! Jennifer Pierce is my lovely friend who happened to take umm the coolest sabbatical last year and became yoga certified in Thailand. Her colorful Instagram feed will have you booking a beach vacation in no time!
JP as she’s known to a lot of our friends is simply pure joy! It just sparkles out of her. She is simply a joy to be around. And lucky for you, she’s sharing her favorite yoga moves, how to create a great space for yoga anywhere, best post-workout bites and sips with us today plus an awesome playlist!

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Fit Fridays: Summer Sweat Sessions with Crush Fitness

Crush bumble BFF Rose Cheers

I know this is supposed to be a fitness post and all buuuut I had to share at least one rosé pic this summer! And I want to tell you about what one of my favorite fitness studios is up to this summer! Crush Fitness is a serious workout and one the I have totally fallen in love with over the past year. I love it because you really get your sweat on and it pushes me to run, like actually run and run fast haha, which I never do when I am “jogging” ummm make that walking mostly haha on my own. I’ve brought several of my friends and BMW and they all love it too!

This summer Crush Fitness is teaming up with Bumble BFF to put on some seriously sweet events! I was lucky enough to attend the kick off event at Juliet last month and I even won some amazing gear from Lululemon! They aren’t kidding around with how great these events are. Basically, they are making it super easy to get your sweat on with your gal pals and then enjoy some treats for all your hard work.

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DEFINE Body & Mind Hammock Class

Define Austin South Lamar_Inked Fingers 4

Come hang out with us! But seriously.

Fit Fridays is back just in time for summer y’all! If you’re feeling the need to move a little bit more, stretch a little bit deeper and keep the good vibes flowin’, I’ll be posting some of my favorite spots to get your sweat on! This month I’m bringing you a favorite class of mine, the hammock class from DEFINE Body & Mind. I mean after seeing the photos I couldn’t help but want to try it! 

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Fit Fridays with Chelsea Moore of Rō Fitness

Ro Fitness_Outside
It’s that time again! Fit Fridays is back this month with Rō Fitness! I got the chance to check this place out after my friend Jane Ko gifted me a two week membership to Class Pass, thanks Jane! I had this place on my list because it’s so close to my office and hello gorgeous lake views while you’re working out! I love that you can get a full body workout in just 45 minutes. I took my class outside on a Sunday morning and it was the perfect pre-brunch activity. I highly recommend it! Not to mention they have showers and a cafe on-site for your post workout routine.

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Fit Fridays with Jennifer McCamish of Dancers Shape

Dancers Shape Ball OverheadGood morning and happy Friday friends! This week has been a bit of a doozey I must say. Like those strings of days that seem to creep by in the moment yet you find yourself being like hey where did the week go!?! Yes, that. I hope I am not the only one who this happens to! I’ve been trying to keep up with my workouts, squeeze in healthy meals, drink lots of water and still be social. It’s tough for a girl out there! Not really, haha. I feel super fortunate to be a part of a food community that supports each other and makes lots of time to get together and share good food. Seriously, so thankful. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without all you beautiful folks. So thank YOU!

This month  for Fit Fridays I visited Dancers Shape, a barre, yoga and pilates studio on Burnet in Austin. It was such a great workout! Really fast paced for a barre class I thought too. Best thing about the studio? Lots of parking! Which made it super easy to jump into the class when I was fighting traffic on my way there. Jennifer the owner taught the class I went to and it was great! She has such a wonderful energy and her smile will put you at ease even if you’re trying to lift your leg in a totally awkward position and keep shaking and thinking that this might fall somewhere between torture and WTF was I thinking. Kidding! Well about the tourture part, not about Jennifer being awesome. Afterwards she gave me a little walk through the studio. They have tons of different classes throughout the week, the most interesting of which I thought was the foam roller class! How cool is that? I didn’t even know that was a thing! I totally want to go back a try it once I can walk straight again, ha!

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Fit Fridays with Lander Peerman from Crush Fitness

crush studio runThis week has been all about the burger challenge, but earlier this month before I ate my weight in burgers, I prepped by visiting Crush Fitness.  Which is a pretty intense workout but just what I needed to kick me into gear! Crush Fitness combines running and bench work into a 55 minute super high energy and calorie burning class. It pretty much reminded me of the kind of workout I would get if I hired a personal trainer but in a group setting. You start either on the floor or on a treadmill and switch between stations during the classes, maximizing your time. And these aren’t any treadmills but special Woodway Treadmills that do all sorts of great things like make you push them with your own body weight.

Kinda crazy I know, but I walked out of there feeling really good! My trainer during the class was J.D. and he was great. He took the time to help each person in the class and even pushed me to run faster. Just the right amount of pushing, not too much, but in an encouraging way. I definitely got my sweat on! I even ran into our old friend Lauren Pou, remember the Boston Marathon runner, and she was trying out her first class! I think this class is great for any level. I told my boyfriend about it and he think it sounds great! It’s nice that we can work out together but he can run faster and use more weights than me. I even included a little picture of me below to prove that I actually completed the class!Crush

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Fit Fridays with Amanda McArthur from Outdoor Voices

Amanda McArthur OV

Good morning! We’ve made it through another week and a really long hot month! That means it’s time for July’s Fit Friday! This time I am introducing you to my lovely and wonderful friend Amanda McArthur, and yes, she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She epitomizes the delicate balance of fitness, health and style. Seriously, I find myself thinking somedays when I am getting ready in the morning, “would Amanda wear this?” She is always in tune with the newest fitness classes and is someone that can make taking a walk or jog in the Texas summer heat as enjoyable as a snocone. Ok maybe thats a stretch, but you know what I mean!

This month I tapped Amanda, who also happens to work for Outdoor Voices an active lifestyle brand, on her tips for keeping the balance + her favorite foodie spots in town!

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Fit Fridays with Richie Griffin from

Riche Griffin Fit Fridays


Y’all loved Fit Fridays so much that I decided to bring it back once a month! Thanks for that support! I am so excited about this month’s trainer, Richie Griffin from I somehow convinced my friend Claire to go to a crossfit workout with me. See picture below of us dying, haha. Richie was so nice and made us feel comfortable even at a super intense cross fit gym, which neither of us go to frequently. Hello! The first at a new gym can be totally intimidating, so it great to have him meet us there. Richie, like a whole bunch of other trainers, can be found on From their website you can access everything from yoga instructors to cross fit and filter through based on your location, availability and budget. It’s perfect if you can’t keep a normal schedule (e.g., me!) or just want to try different workouts before committing to anything!

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Fit Fridays with Boston Marathon Runner Lauren Pou

Lauren Pou Boston Marathon

You guys! I am so, so excited about today’s Fit Friday! One of my good friends Lauren Pou let me interview her today about her mad running skills. She is truly a champ, the girl killed it at the Boston Marathon last year and she is someone who truly inspires me to be more fit every day. Lauren and I met through mutual friends a few years ago and immediately hit it off. She loves to cook and at our group potluck I would always be like “Ohhhh that looks delicious, who brought that?!” and more often then not it would be Lauren’s! During a road trip last year I talked her ear off about when is the best time to work out and what should I eat to get the most out of it and on and on the questions went. Lauren is not only a wealth of knowledge when it comes that stuff but she is also extremely patient and just the kindest, sweetest person in such a refreshingly genuine way. Literally, cannot say enough great things about this lady. Plus, she spends her days working as a coach at a pre-diabetes clinic, where she helps those who are at-risk for diabetes learn about healthy eating and fitness. Like I said, she’s a real gem. Now I am going to kick it over to Lauren to get the scoop about running!

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Fit Fridays with Carly Adams from RIDE

Carly Adams 1

Fit Fridays continues this month with my friend Carly! And I say friend and really mean it. We had one those we met once and were instantly besties things. We’ve spent many a night drinking a little bit too much wine and eating great food at our neighborhood favorites Henri’s and Winebelly. Besides boyfriends and travel and new apartments, we talk about keeping it all balanced. We both love cooking and eating great food, and working out! I had been to RIDE, a spin studio downtown, before I met Carly but started going even more after I found out she was teaching there. The classes are so energetic and really make you sweat it out, which I love. I took my boyfriend and he instantly loved it and now sometimes we schedule our weekend plans around Carly’s classes! Without further ado, here is my chat with Carly!

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Fit Fridays with Jordan Jones from Camp Gladiator

Jordan Jones
This week’s Fit Friday is with Jordan Jones from Camp Gladiator! Most M,W,F mornings at 6:30 am you can find me sweating it out with him and a bunch of other people at Audishores. That is Camp Gladiator speak for Auditorium Shores, which is the location that we work out at. I have to tell y’all the view from the Long Center every morning is gorgeous and quite possibly one the best things about my morning! I have been going to Camp Gladiator since about last September, some weeks a little more consistently than others haha. The workouts are always tough, but I’ve met lots of new friends and I actually look forward to going each morning, imagine that! But seriously joining Camp Gladiator has been one of the best things I’ve done the past few months. It makes me feel a little bit better about drinking all that wine and eating all those pies!

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Fit Fridays with Marnie Duncan from MOD Fitness

Marnie Duncan MOD Fitness Headshot
Today is the very first Fit Friday and I couldn’t be more excited! I have shared about my morning routines and little things I have been doing to be a little bit more healthy. Today I am sharing about my favorite local barre studio that I have been going to the past six weeks or so. I was a late adopter to the barre trend, but now I am officially addicted. It’s a great switch up from my normal cardio heavy boot camps and running workouts, plus it targets all those tiny little muscles in your arms, legs and booty. My shoulders have never looked so good 🙂 MOD Fitness has two locations in Austin, one on South Lamar (holler!) and one on Burnet. The studios are gorgeous, light-filled places that make it perfect place to start or end your day with a little sweat session!

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