Fit Fridays: Summer Sweat Sessions with Crush Fitness

Crush bumble BFF Rose Cheers

I know this is supposed to be a fitness post and all buuuut I had to share at least one rosé pic this summer! And I want to tell you about what one of my favorite fitness studios is up to this summer! Crush Fitness is a serious workout and one the I have totally fallen in love with over the past year. I love it because you really get your sweat on and it pushes me to run, like actually run and run fast haha, which I never do when I am “jogging” ummm make that walking mostly haha on my own. I’ve brought several of my friends and BMW and they all love it too!

This summer Crush Fitness is teaming up with Bumble BFF to put on some seriously sweet events! I was lucky enough to attend the kick off event at Juliet last month and I even won some amazing gear from Lululemon! They aren’t kidding around with how great these events are. Basically, they are making it super easy to get your sweat on with your gal pals and then enjoy some treats for all your hard work.

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Summer Days in Burgos, Spain

burgos 14

Beautiful Burgos, Spain! Where the streets are colorful and lively and filled with locals and walkers of the Camino de Santiago. It is a quintessential Spanish town that is caught somewhere between its ancient history and modern conveniences. Burgos is a small city of about 180,000 and is home to the Burgos Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, yet despite its moderate population and old world flair the city has quite the culinary scene! Which of course I was stoked about. Every cafe is adorable, you can’t stumble into a bad meal if you tried, and the weather… don’t even get me started, it is just picture perfect during the summer. 

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Happy Hour at The Townsend, Austin, TX

Drinks at The Townsend in Austin_Natalie ParamoreYou guys! I have been traveling a bit the past few weeks and if you want to follow along check out my Instagram or better yet follow me on Snapchat (natalieparamore) for my day-to-day shenanigans and trying to figure things out overseas! All that is say that before I left for my travels, I did a lot of fun stuff back in Austin. And I’ve finally got a few extra hours to sit down and tell ya all about it!

First up, I was invited to try out the new happy hour food menu at The Townsend in downtown Austin. I had visited The Townsend before and it is such a beautiful space. It’s dark and feels like you’re sneaking off to your dad’s really fancy man cave that you’re not supposed to be in. The drinks are all superb and well crafted. It is the perfect place to sip a well made cocktail after a long day. But I’ll have you know that the food is certainly worth sticking around for!

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