Cold Brew Coffee Steak Marinade

NP_High Brew Coffee Skirt Steak Marinade by Natalie Paramore (1)Fall is here and it feels uber luxurious! I spent the whole weekend avoiding the ACL crowds and snuggled up at home trying out some new recipes and binging on Netflix. Don’t tell me what happens on Breaking Bad! I just started season four and things are getting gooood. Or bad. Well good television watching but you know bad if it was real life stuff. Anyways, I can’t stop. Whilst binge watching, I also tried making stove top popcorn for the first time! Um, hello, why did no one tell me it was so EASY. Like so easy. I’ve been without a microwave in my new place since last winter and things have been just fine. The only time I sorta miss it is when I want to heat up leftovers, but let me tell ya, they taste way better when heated up on the stove or in the oven. It’s just that they take quite a bit longer, but oh well. Back to my point, I totally discovered stove top popcorn and am in love! Everyone should be doing this! It’s so much healthier and you can make any flavor you want. The best! I also tried my hand at some birthday cake funfetti cookie bars. Yes, all those words really do go into one recipe! Sometimes it’s nice just to cook for myself and see what happens :)

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Liberty Kitchen Austin, TX

Liberty Kitchen Austin_ AppetizersACL is descending down upon on us people! I’ve already seen them combing the streets the past few days. Them being the festies with their hair and tattoos and booties and backpacks and man buns. Oh wait, they probably just live here, haha. Anyways, every year all the social feeds are jammed with peace signs and best of lists. Where to eat, where to eat late night, where to drink, where to brunch, best late night shows…and so they go on and on. I thought about writing you a list but then I realized there are a bunch of people who have already written you a bunch of lists to follow. So instead, I decided to give you a peek into a restaurant thats opened up since this time last year. They also get a big fat high five for serving up a large comfort food brunch on Saturday AND Sunday with lots of boozy drinks. Whether you are partaking in the festival or not, I would definitely recommend this Houston transplant restaurant for lunch or dinner too any time of the year!

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Fit Fridays with Jennifer McCamish of Dancers Shape

Dancers Shape Ball OverheadGood morning and happy Friday friends! This week has been a bit of a doozey I must say. Like those strings of days that seem to creep by in the moment yet you find yourself being like hey where did the week go!?! Yes, that. I hope I am not the only one who this happens to! I’ve been trying to keep up with my workouts, squeeze in healthy meals, drink lots of water and still be social. It’s tough for a girl out there! Not really, haha. I feel super fortunate to be a part of a food community that supports each other and makes lots of time to get together and share good food. Seriously, so thankful. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without all you beautiful folks. So thank YOU!

This month  for Fit Fridays I visited Dancers Shape, a barre, yoga and pilates studio on Burnet in Austin. It was such a great workout! Really fast paced for a barre class I thought too. Best thing about the studio? Lots of parking! Which made it super easy to jump into the class when I was fighting traffic on my way there. Jennifer the owner taught the class I went to and it was great! She has such a wonderful energy and her smile will put you at ease even if you’re trying to lift your leg in a totally awkward position and keep shaking and thinking that this might fall somewhere between torture and WTF was I thinking. Kidding! Well about the tourture part, not about Jennifer being awesome. Afterwards she gave me a little walk through the studio. They have tons of different classes throughout the week, the most interesting of which I thought was the foam roller class! How cool is that? I didn’t even know that was a thing! I totally want to go back a try it once I can walk straight again, ha!

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