Fit Fridays with Richie Griffin from

Riche Griffin Fit Fridays


Y’all loved Fit Fridays so much that I decided to bring it back once a month! Thanks for that support! I am so excited about this month’s trainer, Richie Griffin from I somehow convinced my friend Claire to go to a crossfit workout with me. See picture below of us dying, haha. Richie was so nice and made us feel comfortable even at a super intense cross fit gym, which neither of us go to frequently. Hello! The first at a new gym can be totally intimidating, so it great to have him meet us there. Richie, like a whole bunch of other trainers, can be found on From their website you can access everything from yoga instructors to cross fit and filter through based on your location, availability and budget. It’s perfect if you can’t keep a normal schedule (e.g., me!) or just want to try different workouts before committing to anything!

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Curry Salmon with Mango

Curry Salmon with Mango for Father's Day by Natalie Paramore

This post is sponsored by The National Mango Board

So like Father’s Day is on Sunday. Really soon! No worries though, I celebrated with my pops last weekend. Mainly because I have to work this weekend. This whole blogging, foodie life really never stops, yo. No complaints here though :) Lately me and my boyfriend, (lets call him BMW because those are his initials and the car he drives, so makes sense) have been attempting to cook more on the weekends. I have big, fat habit of eating out a ton on the weekends, but living in Austin where there is literally a new restaurant opening every other day, can you blame me? Anyways, cooking on the weekends is all part of my goals to make more healthy choices. Enter: Curry Salmon. I found this recipe while deep in the Pinterest files. I love curry, I really like salmon but never really thought about putting the two together. The recipe turned out to be delicious, so I decided to repurpose that flavor profile for a little Father’s Day meal.

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Bison Burgers with Harissa Aioli

Bison Burgers on Lettuce with Harissa Aioli

Y’all, I stared at these pictures all day trying to figure out to write something that adequately describes my love for burgers. Like I love, love, love them. I go around town or heck even when I travel trying to find the best ones, most unique ones and often the cheesiest ones. This love runs deep. Like I can feel that love down in my soul for these darling little patties. I am not sure if people refer to their cheeseburgers as darling, but that is what I feel yo. I took a healthy-ish approach to these bison burgers and swapped the bun for some romain and skipped the cheese… touch decisions I know, but the harissa aioli packs a ton of flavor so you almost don’t miss the other two…almost. Great, easy weeknight meal and keeps it on lighter side. Since I am trying to be healthier, this is a nice little swap.

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