Aguilera’s Cafe Ft. Worth, TX

I almost forgot to post today for #NaBloPoMo. All the turkey and traveling has left me feeling a little weary but fear not faithful blog readers, here is today’s post.

After visiting family this weekend, I was ready for a night out with friends in Fort Worth. The next morning we were in need of some good grub and our friend suggested this little hole in the wall Aguilera’s Cafe. Now, when I say hole in the wall… I mean it. We pulled up to what looked like a run down old house but upon entering, it was quite cozy. One of those places where everyone who walked in seemed to already know everyone there. My friend told me the story of the restaurant and that it is run by an ex-military chef, Santos Aguilera. Santos’ picture is prominently displayed on a table as you walk in.

First, comes the salsa and tortillas. Sigh, the tortillas are not homemade but I will let it slide this time.

I ordered the chorizo plate. FYI the chorizo is homemade, woohoo! The plate came with a chorizo and egg scramble with sides of bacon, refried beans, potatoes and little menudo type soup poured right on the plate. I was excited to dig in!

My little breakfast taco I made with all the yumminess from my chorizo plate.

So cute, they even have their own sign over the door. Love it. They are only open for breakfast and lunch. But my friend said that lunch is also good. At breakfast there are options of choices but for lunch everyday there is only one dish served.

If you’re ever in Fort Worth, you should stop by!

Taco Deli



Puerco Borracho: Its super tender and tastes a lot better than it looks!

Frontera Fundido Chicken with Dona Sauce










The glorious Dona Sauce... so good it deserves its own picture.


Aspen, Colorado

I recently visited Aspen, CO for a friends wedding. The wedding was beyond gorgeous (see mountain top picture) and the food was delightfully inspiring! I wanted to share all the amazing photos and you will definitely be seeing me try to use some of these things in my cooking!

Check out some of the cool places I visited:

The Little Nell 

Junk Aspen