Aspen, Colorado

I recently visited Aspen, CO for a friends wedding. The wedding was beyond gorgeous (see mountain top picture) and the food was delightfully inspiring! I wanted to share all the amazing photos and you will definitely be seeing me try to use some of these things in my cooking!

Check out some of the cool places I visited:

The Little NellĀ 

Junk Aspen

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  1. richard grant September 26, 2011

    Grandma loves it but we are not literate enough to fully enjoy!!!PopPop

    • nparamore September 27, 2011

      So glad y’all like the blog! If you subscribe (look on the home page, right side, under calendar) then you’ll get an email each time I post. Love you!

  2. Cranchy September 27, 2011

    What are all of these things that I want to eat?!? Nom nom!

    • nparamore September 27, 2011

      If you hover over the picture, the description should pop up. Maybe I should change this in future posts and just write out the description? Thoughts?

      • Cranchy September 27, 2011

        Yeah, write a description. I didn’t even think to hover over the pics! Gimme a description so I can drool at my desk even more!


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