Grilled Zucchini and Corn Tacos

Grilled Zucchini and Corn Tacos by Natalie Paramore

Confession time: we don’t eat tacos that much. Well, besides breakfast tacos. I haven’t been able to full transition BMW to the Austin lifestyle quite yet. He still isn’t the biggest fan of Mexican food and especially not Tex-Mex. Which drives me mad because Mexican food and Tex-Mex are basically like just food to me. I grew up in Texas so we ate tacos, in many different forms, all the time. And I still love when I order at a restaurant and they just bring a thing of tortillas. Oh you ordered enchiladas? Here are some tortillas. Salad? I mean why not. Fresh corn tortillas are some my favorite things ever. Finding them can be tough though. When I do make tacos at home we typically opt for flour. Anyways, I was thrilled when BMW actually liked these veggies tacos! I mean they were vegetarian AND tacos, so I really feel accomplished y’all. Getting my picky Midwest raised BF to get on board with anything besides meat and potatoes can be a struggle. So I am pumped to share these with you! 

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Brisket for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

This week I tried my hand at a little BBQ brisket for my friends over at Brit+Co.. Brisket for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Now, I don’t know what could be more Texan than that!

Be sure and bookmark this post for using any leftovers from BBQ’s this summer.

Brisket breakfast tacos

BBQ brisket sliders

And last but not least, Brisket bahn mi!

Get the full recipe, including my amazing dry rub, and full how-to here!

Happy Friday!

Mi Cocina

While couch surfing you’ll probably do a lot of eating out. I actually made a quick trip back home one night this week. While there, I grabbed dinner with the fam at one of my fav DFW spots Mi Cocina. It’s fun but nothing too fancy, great for group dinners.


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I started the night off with a Mambo Taxi, my fav drink there!

Brisket tacos. Adding “learn to make green rice” to my list of blog ideas.

More brisket tacos.

Mole enchiladas.

Mi Tierra tacos, one of my favs.

Lotsa guacamole is always a good decision!

Don’t forget to take home one of their HUGE pralines!

What’s your fav dish at Mi Cocina?

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