Fit Fridays with Dr. Brittaney Cook from Athletic Outcomes

Athletic Outcomes in Austin_Natalie Paramore
Y’all I had the best workout this morning! Seriously. Not only was it tough and I really felt like I got the most out of that hour but the whole experience was super positive and the coaches were awesome. They were so encouraging and actually took time to correct my form multiple times, which shows how much they care! That’s why I am SO excited about today’s Fit Friday! This husband and wife team are the real deal y’all. I am going back to Athletic Outcomes on Tuesday for another workout, so come join me! I mean your first class is free so what do you have to lose?

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Fit Fridays with Joe Vennare From Fitt Austin

Fitt Austin_Natalie Paramore

Happy Fit Friday! And congratulations to all of us for surviving March! Between SXSW, some huge trade shows for my clients, the first day of spring and a quick trip to Paris, this month has really flown by. I haven’t been the greatest about keeping up with my workouts this month but I have been taking every opportunity to walk little Meems in this gorgeous weather (check out her adorable bluebonnet photo this year!) I got introduced to Fitt Austin recently and thought it would make for a fun feature this month. 

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Fit Fridays with Alex Lynch from Flywheel

Flywheel Domain Austin Image

This month I’ve taken a lot of time to focus on my health. I did this crazy detox diet to find out if I was allergic to anything and I’m not. Which is great news! I took a lot of workout classes and even checked out the new Flywheel at the Domain! They invited me and a bunch friends to try out a spin class and we had a lot of fun. We headed up to the Domain on a Saturday morning to get our sweat on and the out to brunch. Really, we should do this more often ladies! I am digging this group fitness thing. When your world is filled with tons of delicious food, it’s really nice to focus on healthy stuff sometimes!

We checked out Alex Lynch’s class and loved his energy! So naturally he is our Fit Friday this month!

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