Best Restaurants for Group Dinners in Austin #ATXBestEats

Best Group Dinner Restaurants in Austin_Salty Sow_Natalie ParamoreSalty Sow

Every day I feel like I run into someone who is here in Austin for a bachelorette party or conference or one our of 82,459 festivals we host a year. So that means lots and lots of friends who need plenty of restaurants to chow down together at. Finding the perfect group dinner spot can be, um, how do I say this politely, very tricky. You’ve got to find the right mix of something everyone will eat with the right price and of course drinks. So here is my handy list of great restaurants in Austin for group dinners!

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Best Breakfast Spots in Austin #ATXBestEats

Best Breakfast in Austin_Elizabeth Street Cafe_Natalie ParamoreBreakfast at Elizabeth Street Cafe

Breakfast is hands down my favorite meal of the day! Ok maybe brunch is also up there because I’ll put an egg on just about anything, let’s be honest. When you’re running on empty after a crazy night out at SXSW or ACL or you know just a normal Tuesday in Austin, then you’re going to need a lot more than a green juice to get you up and at ’em. These are all of my favorite places for eggs, spicy noodles, and those things they call breakfast tacos!

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SXSW 2014 Recap

Welp, it’s definitely taken me a few days to recover from all things SXSW this year. The interactive, film and music festival has now turned into a crazed 14-day fiasco that takes over the entire city. This was the first year I actually had to work during the festival, but actually that made it all the more fun. There was lots of food, entirely too many free adult beverages and some crazy shows. All in all, the marathon of all festivals, was a fun and exhausting experience. Not to mention, I had to move out of my house for the first five days because we rented it out, nothing like a little spring cleaning on top of my adult SB2K14. Whatever, we survived, and best of all I finally got to see Willie Nelson live for the first time. I know, I know everyone collectively gasp that this is my first time, but SO happy that I got to see him. Best of all, I got to see him at his ranch! It was the first time he has played the #Heartbreakers banquet. AND Shovels & Rope was there, the dynamic duo can really steal some hearts with their twisted twang. Check out the pics for my crazed SXSW 2014!

rum fashioned

I started the week off with a sneak peek into Garage, a new bar that is literally inside a parking garage. Probably one of my new favorite haunts. You check out more on this in my post (coming soon!).

wrecking ball

I found it only appropriate to swing on this wrecking ball during work hours. I mean somebody’s gotta twerk it. Want more wrecking ball? See this video of the rendition by none other than the Dixie Chicks.

 [jwplayer mediaid=”9421″]

We got our GirlTalk on at Stubb’s for the Spreadfast party!

nerds rock

Moving into the weekend, I got up close and personal with Aloe Blacc at uShip for the annual Nerds Rock party. Good lookin’ nerds, dontcha think? Umm yall, Aloe Blacc… is even better live and in person. He really is the man!


A little Sunday couldn’t keep me from seeing one of my favorites from last year, Cherub!


There would be no SXSW if it wasn’t for BBQ… here is a little spread at Stubb’s.

st paul

I had the pleasure of seeing St. Paul and The Broken Bones for the first time. The are hands down the best Southern Soul band right now. I just can’t get enough of them. These guys are going places!

Cheer Up Charlies

I got to check out the new Cheer Up Charlies! The new stage is such a great spot, definitely will be a new favorite venue in Austin. It’s intimate, still enough space to rock out and you get a little nature in the background. It’s a win-win. I’ve been following the Royal Teeth now for a few years, also an insanely talented bunch. I particularly like the drum banging by the two lead singers.


Mid-week I had to take a pause and regroup with some juices and smoothies from my fav neighborhood joint, Soup Peddler. I like to call in my orders to the Mary St. location to avoid waiting.

hot dog and beer tasting

I was lucky enough to snag a spot in the Rachael Ray House for a tasting of some Park’s Finest Hot Dogs and Blue Moon. While I didn’t make it to the big show at Stubb’s on Saturday, the Rachael Ray House was a nice little refuge amongst the SXSW craziness.


Not to mention, there rows and rows of Gourdough’s doughnuts to be eaten there!


Next I swung over to the #Heartbreakers Banquet at Willie Nelson’s Ranch! This is a magical place yall!


And they were shucking fresh oysters straight from Boston! Thanks Island Creek! They little guys tasted so fresh I swear I could taste the seawater!

 [jwplayer mediaid=”9410″]

Shovels & Rope!


[jwplayer mediaid=”9404″]

And then there was Willie… ahh sigh. Loved every second of this show. I can’t remember which was my favorite song because it all seemed just a bit like a dream.

[jwplayer mediaid=”9400″]

Who doesn’t love a little house music during the afternoon?

Four Seasons

I capped off Friday with this spread at the Four Seasons.

[jwplayer mediaid=”9397″]

I also got to see the American Authors and sing along to “Best Day of My Life”, which is totally taking off! Love them!


Saturday called for a hearty breakfast before venturing out into the wilderness again. Fresh pasta and a fried egg from Taverna.


My friends and I got lucky enough to stumble into an insane DJ set with Tiesto. You can feel Alex’s enthusiasm in this photo once we saw the paper line up posted!

[jwplayer mediaid=”9415″]


liz street

Sunday brought heavy struggles and called for a large and in charge recovery brunch with my fav festie gals at my fav place Elizabeth Street.

Hope your SXSW was amazing, here’s to many more!