Healthy Meal Delivery in Austin

Healthy Meal Delivery in Austin_ Prep To Your door Natalie Paramore_We like to cook at home a lot when we are in town. We eat out every meal while we are traveling so spending some time in the kitchen and making healthy(ish) foods feels like a real treat. Honestly, after traveling, eating healthy makes me feel like a whole person again! Sometimes though, prepping three healthy meals a day just isn’t going to happen with my busy schedule. Meetings on meetings and tastings and dinners with friends can often leave us with not enough time to meal plan some weeks resulting in too much or too little food in the fridge and some of the food goes to waste on busy weeks—which I hate!

This is where I found myself searching for healthy meal delivery in Austin! For this post, I rounded some of my favorite healthy meal delivery services in Austin that we’ve tried! Perfect for people who are busy, whether its with work, kids, travel, whatever!

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9 Best Travel Snacks & Hacks for Staying Healthy on the Road

9 Best Travel Snacks and Healthy Hacks_Natalie ParamoreOver the past two years, I’ve traveled more than I ever have and I absolutely love it! While I love getting to experience new cities, it can make sticking to a workout routine or maintaining a healthy lifestyle challenging. It’s something I’ve struggled with but this past year, I’ve really tried to integrate a few healthy things! And let me tell ya, a little bit goes a long way! Doing just a few healthy things for your body on each trip, will help you stay on track and your body will reward you with extra energy to see and do (and eat!) all the things! These are my 9 best travel snacks & hacks for staying healthy while traveling!

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Apple Cider Kentucky Mules

Apple Cider Kentucky Mule Recipe _ Natalie ParamoreI’ve really been loving hosting happy hours at my house lately! Don’t get me wrong I love checking out the new happy hours at restaurants and bars all around town but there’s something I’ve been enjoying about having people over to the house. Everyone seems to relax a little bit more and stick around a little while longer which is what I love! Since it’s fall and I just can’t seem to get enough of this season, I made these Apple Cider Kentucky Mules for a happy hour this week. They are just like Moscow Mules but instead of vodka, I used whiskey. Vodka would of course work in this recipe and they are great sans alcohol for a virgin cocktail which was great for my girlfriend who is pregnant– a mom mule if you will!

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