Gingerbread Cake with Candied Cranberries and Cream Cheese Frosting

Soft Gingerbread Cake by Natalie Paramore 5

The holidays always have a way of getting me back in the kitchen. Something about this time of year has me wanting to bake up a storm and break out the fancy dishes. Ok maybe not the fancy dishes part but I’ve definitely been logging a few more hours in the kitchen lately. I’ve always loved gingerbread so I decided that this year it was about time to go all out and make a cake!

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Strawberry Honey Stack Cakes

Strawberry Honey Cake Stacks by Natalie ParamoreUmm it’s half way through September? How did this happen! I must say the weather has been quite nice in Austin, TX recently. Fall is my absolute fav, fav, fav time of year. So this has put me in an extra good mood! I’ve even put up a few Halloween decorations! Growing up, I always loved the holiday season but the past few years I’ve been a little meh about it all. This year though, I’m feeling more invigorated and excited. I think it’s because of my new apartment digs. There’s something really nice about having your own space. Even though I had great roommates in the past, I’ve been soaking up every second of my time living alone. It’s something I have always wanted to do, living alone that is. There hasn’t really been a day where I’ve felt lonely. That is probably because between my dog, job, events, travel and keeping up with this little blog there is hardly time to just chill out. And I am totally ok with that! I think the busier I am, the better I am for the most part. When my plate is full I am better about keeping up with all the little tasks than when I have extra time. Those are the times when I feel like I have forever to get something done so I just convince myself its ok to put it off a little longer. Not the case!

Strawberry Honey Cakes by Natalie Paramore

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Sprinkle Covered Birthday Cake

Miss Jones Baking Co Round Sprinkle Birthday Cake by Natalie Paramore

 Last week was filled with birthdays! Two very important birthdays, in fact. 1st it was my precious pup Mimi’s 10th Birthday! I mean, I can’t believe my little stinker is 10 years old! This was definitely one of those times where I felt the where has the time gone. Remember when your parents would always say that time flies? My parents used to always say that to me as a kid, and now, well it is really happening. I cannot image how it will feel if I ever have child of the human variety. Little Meems, as she is often called, has been sidekick, best friend, ultimate snuggler, tear wiper and kiss giver. I could not imagine my life without my little fur ball. The 2nd very important birthday and the one who I made this colorful cake for, was my roommate Alex! It is her last year in her twenties, so I thought sprinkles were a must. I couldn’t imagine my life without Alex either. She’s one of the most thoughtful, cheerful and loyal friends I have ever had. And she is a great Auntie to Mimi, so that just melts my heart. So for Alex, I busted out the sprinkles and got to it!

Miss Jones Baking Co Vanilla Frosting and Cake Mix by Natalie Paramore


Alex likes white on white for her cakes. No chocolate allowed. My friend Sarah started Miss Jones Baking Co. a few months ago. It is a line of all-natural ready to use cake mixes and frostings. She has a scrumptious vanilla cake mix and frosting, so it was the perfect pair for Alex’s birthday cake. Funny thing, after I posted a picture of Alex with her cake on Instagram, we discovered that Alex and Sarah were friends back when they both lived in Dallas and Sarah made cupcakes for Alex’s birthday before. SMALL WORLD! So thank you Sarah, for making my birthday cake taste as good as your homemade cupcakes 😉


Miss Jones Baking co Vanilla Cake by Natalie Paramore


I started off by baking two 9′ round cakes. Let them cool, then frosted them up with the super creamy frosting. That was the easy part. Next I tackled sprinkles.

Miss Jones Baking Co Vanilla Sprinkle Cake by Natalie Paramore


I couldn’t find any good how-to’s for sprinkle covering online, so I just had a go at it. I started by dropping the little dudes on top. That sorta worked, but only on the middle of the top of the cake.

How to Make a Spinkle Cake by Natalie ParamoreSo then I tried tap, tap, tapping them on. This worked so much better. I poured the sprinkles on top, like a lot of them (yes, they went everywhere) then gently smoothed them all over the sides and top. It was a bit of a messy endeavor, but well worth it in the end.

Miss Jones Baking Co


Because then this happened! Ta-da! The cake was definitely eye-catching and a big hit at the birthday party.

Miss Jones Baking Co Birthday Sprinkle Cake by Natalie Paramore

Miss Jones Baking Co Sprinkle Cake with Candles by Natalie Paramore


Colorful candles were a must.

Miss Jones Baking Co Sprinkle Cake by Natalie Paramore


Miss Jones Baking Co Sprinkle Birthday Cake by Natalie ParamoreTime to dig in! Big thanks to Sarah Jones Garibaldi from Miss Jones Baking Co. for supplying me with best vanilla cake mix and frosting for Alex’s birthday! If you want to see some truly spectacular cakes, check out Miss Jones Baking Co. !