6 New Restaurants to Try in Austin Over the Holidays

where-to-eat-in-austin-tx-right-now-by-natalie-paramoreThere always seems to be a new spot opening up in Austin! Which college Natalie would have loved because my main complaint with Austin when I moved here back in 2004 was the almost complete lack of good restaurants. So needless to say, while sometimes it can be hard to keep up, I wouldn’t trade it for the past! While I will be gone for most of the holidays, I know a bunch of you will be in Austin, so here are 6 new spots to try out!

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Christmas Tree Delivery and Decorating with Handy.com


Happy almost Christmas! It is my most favorite time of year! These past few weeks have been flying by and this year the work just didn’t seem to slow down. Which I suppose having  a lot of work is something to be thankful for! However, I am just about ready to wrap everything up and settle down for a few days.

Back in November I had the amazing opportunity to film with Handy.com, a home service company, about their Christmas tree delivery service! In select cities, including Austin!, you can get your tree delivered right to your house. They will even set it all up for you. Check out the video and how I decorate my Christmas tree with my Great-Grandmother’s jewelry. 

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12 Crazy Days of Holidays Giveaways! Day 12: Adelante


The last day is here! And what better than a chance to win this gorgeous Oaxacan-inspired Christmas stocking from Adelante Austin? I absolutely love this fun and colorful pop for your fireplace this year! Or if you’re like me and sans fireplace (sheds a tear) I hung my stocking on the bookcase with care! Oh and I should mention that this stocking comes stuffed with a $50 gift card to what has to be Austin’s most chic boutique Adelante! And yes, I can say that because my muy talented gal pal Claire Zinnecker headed up their redesign. J’adore.

Enter to win this stocking and gift card from Adelante on Instagram before midnight tonight! And check out these gorgeous photos of the boutique below 🙂

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