Arugula Caprese Pizza

Arugula Mozzarella Caprese Pizza_Natalie Paramore

On Mondays I am always looking for easy, sorta healthy recipes that I can whip together in no time! I like to think that I would always get eat something super healthy to start off the week but lets be honest I really just want something good. Enter this easy, meatless Monday recipe. Since it’s summer there are plenty of gorgeous ripe tomatoes and they pair perfectly with some fresh greens and thick slices of mozzarella of course. Because salad on pizza should totally be a thing, don’t ya think?

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Summer Guide of Where to Eat & Play in Austin

El Alma Drinks 2Austin is always a pretty cool place to visit if you ask me but there is something really special about this city during the summer. It does get really hot but there are plenty of places to chill out at. You’ve probably heard of Barton Springs and trendy South Congress but these are few of my favorite local spots that haven’t been overrun by hipsters or tourists, yet! I haven’t done a guide or post about my hometown in a while so I teamed up with Thirdlove to show off some of my favorite hidden gems and under the radar spots that are perfect if you’re a local or just in town for the weekend! 

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Bourbon Peach Punch

Bourbon Peach Punch_Natalie ParamoreI haven’t done a cocktail in a while and I really thought y’all deserve one to kick off summer! What better than punch? I’ve been making an effort to cook more at home and so naturally we’ve been making more cocktails at home too. This is one of my new favorites because it’s refreshing and you can make just a glass or two. Now, punch should really be enjoyed on long hot afternoons in the presence of good company however, sometimes all those stars don’t align but that doesn’t mean you should have a little punch!

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