9 Of My Favorite Kitchen Basics That Won’t Break The Bank

Kitchen Basics_ Zester

People often ask me what my favorite kitchen tools are and which ones are affordable but work great too. I finally took the time to round up some of my favorite kitchen tools! These are things that I actually use pretty much every time I cook. Bonus: you can find all of them on Amazon because this busy girl doesn’t have time to run around to multiple stores finding the perfect spatula. Not to mention all of these are super affordable. I love fancy stuff but that is for another post. I also like to keep my colors pretty simple, so you’ll see that most of these tools have muted or natural tones because that is what I like! Some of them come in different colors if you like a little more pop in your kitchen!

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Basil and Mushroom Lasagna

Basil Mushroom Lasagna_Natalie Paramore

Fall, is that you? Supposedly, we are getting some cooler weather this week but I am excited because we will be heading to Boston! I have my fingers crossed that we will see lots of gorgeous leaves and of course eat all the things. I’ve made most of our meal reservations but I left a few open if you have suggestions for oysters, daytime cocktails and coffee! We snagged an Air BnB right near the Common so we can walk lots of places but we did rent a car for a day to drive up to Salem! I am so excited! We will be there on Friday the 13th so who knows what we will see! In other news, I made you this Basil and Mushroom Lasagna if you’re looking for a one pan dish this week!

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Grilled Barramundi with Lemongrass Coconut Dressing and Green Salad

Coconut Lemongrass Dressing Barramundi Recipe_Natalie ParamoreFall is on the horizon and I couldn’t be more excited about my favorite season! Maybe it’s because of the cooler weather (it’s definitely the cooler weather) or the colors or the excuse to eat all the good food! Either way, we’ve been running around like crazy prepping for more travel and I managed to squeeze in a delicious recipe that is inspired by our upcoming trip to Thailand! Yes, Thailand. I can’t wait for the land of rice and spice. Oh and those noodles. And the mango sticky rice! We’ve booked a cooking class and market tour, a street food tour by tuk tuk and reservations at Gaggan! Yes, that Gaggan, the one of Chef’s Table on Netflix. Needless to say, I’ve been stoked for a while and already craving allll the flavors!

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