9 Things You Need To Know About Texas Wine

Texas Wine Revolution_Natalie ParamoreSummertime is somehow now rosé season and I’m not exactly complaining. Ok, I actually love it. This spring, I got the chance to head out to the Texas Wine Revolution which is a festival that celebrates all things Texas Wine! It’s a super cool event and I discovered how incredibly delicious Texas wine is. I mean Texas isn’t always the top of the list when you think of wine but it really should be. No joke, two of my all-time favorite rosés are from right here in the Texas wine country!

I learned a lot about Texas wine and how it is made and all the things that make it different from other wines at the event. I decided to ask eight foodies from around Austin what they wanted to know most about Texas wine and their questions are just what I think we all would have asked! From what wine pairs best with queso to how grapes are grown here in Texas, I’ve got it all right here!

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Lamb Ribs with Chimichurri Sauce

Capra Lamb Ribs with Chimichurri

Every now and then BMW and I like bust open the Big Green Egg and get to grilling up some veggies or meat! Ok, he is more partial to the meat. His favorite being Beer Can Chicken. It’s actually pretty flavorful. But this time we tried our hand at something new: lamb ribs. I’ve made lamb before but never a full rack of ribs. The meat wasn’t quite as tender as the other cuts, the fattiness of it provides quite a bit of flavor. We tried these in the oven and really didn’t care for how they turned out. We hit them on the grill and the flavor profile was much better and the meat more tender. 

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Fit Friday: A Workout You Can Do In Your Hotel Room

Workout You Can Do In Your Hotel Room_Natalie Paramore

It’s Fit Friday time again! I’ve been working out hard the past month at Athletic Outcomes and have been loving all the progress I’ve been seeing! But as usual, BMW and I are headed off to another adventure soon. I am really excited about going to China but I really don’t want to derail all the workout progress I’ve been making lately. So this month I planned ahead and teamed up with my friend Sydney, who is a fitness instructor and an influencer, to create the perfect workout you can do in your hotel room! Or anywhere really! 

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