Spicy Mango Ginger Guacamole

Ginger Mango Guacamole by Natalie Paramore

Ready or not here it comes! Super Bowl 2015, err whatever the number is. I should probably figure that out. Or not. Because even though I made this guac in anticipation of the big game, I will probably be eating it all year long. Maybe as main dish like I did this week. For reals. True talk. I thought I’d whip this up, take a few cute photos and be done… then I took a bite. And another, and another, and… then it was gone. Ma’ bad!

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Frito Pie in a Bag

Ready for some football? I’ve been pinning away thinking of recipe and party ideas for the big game. You can see all the drool worthy recipes on my Pinterest page here.

Frito Pie in a Bag for Super Bowl

If you’ve been following along with my recipes, then you’ll know that most of party ideas revolve around things with less clean up. Enter Frito Pie in a Bag. No dishes (holla!) plus you can set it up as a Frito Pie Bar and let your guest make their own. Win Win. You can have vegetarian versions, your very own special chili and tons of toppings, so easy!


You’ll need:

Individual Frito Bags


Fresh toppings:

Cheddar Cheese



Red Onion

Get creative! Use your own favorites!

Frito Pie in a Bag

Dice up the fresh ingredients.


Slice the tops off the Frito bags.


Set up your Frito Pie assembly line.


Stuff each bag!


Layer on the toppings.

Super Bowl Frito Pie in a Bag 2 Super Bowl Frito Pie in a Bag

It’s that easy! Cute and easy way to munch during the Super Bowl. What are some your favorite chili recipes to use for Super Bowl Sunday? Tell me in the comments! I need ideas!


For even more ideas and party planning tips, plus a live demo of how to make Frito Pie in a Bag, check out my segment on Fox 7’s Make It Monday!

Nacho Cups

For the Super Bowl, I wanted to come up with something really creative, maybe with a little healthy twist, that was easy to share. I had dreams that I was onto something really great here. However after a trip to the grocery store failed on delivering these pastry baking sheets I was planning on using, I opted for uncooked tortillas. Then a last minute addition of jalapeños… I realized as they were baking that I basically had… Nachos in tortilla chip cups. Haha this is definitely one of those times where the dish morphed as I was putting it together. They were still tasty and easy to share, so I’m calling this a win!

You’ll need:
Uncooked flour tortillas
Shredded cheese
Spicy sausage
4 oz cream cheese
1 cup spinach
Minced garlic
Sliced jalapeños

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Brown the sausage.

Mince up a few cloves of garlic. Ok maybe that’s like 5 cloves… Just do it to your taste.

Take the heat off of the sausage. Then mix the minced garlic into the pan and just let those flavors meld while we prep the other stuff.

Dice up a couple handfuls of spinach.

Slice up the cream cheese. You want it room temperature so it will blend easier.

Throw those cream cheese knobs in with the spinach in a large mixing bowl.

Now add in the sausage and garlic, they should still be warm. Mix all that together.

Now onto the tortillas. I kind of guesstimated how big to slice these. Trial and error here people.

Spray a muffin pan generously with non-stick spray. Then line the cups with tortilla. If there are gaps or the tortilla tears, patch it up with a little piece of tortilla.

Fill the cups with the sausage, spinach mixture. Those corners sticking up are ok. As they cook, they will become crispy just like a chip!

Top with lots of cheese!

Wash and slice a jalapeño.

Top each nacho cup with a jalapeño.

Now these delicious bites are ready for the oven!

Bake for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees or until cheese is bubbly and tortilla edges are brown and crisp.

They smelled awesome!

Ready to share!

I think they are pretty cute too!