Happy Hour at The Townsend, Austin, TX

Drinks at The Townsend in Austin_Natalie ParamoreYou guys! I have been traveling a bit the past few weeks and if you want to follow along check out my Instagram or better yet follow me on Snapchat (natalieparamore) for my day-to-day shenanigans and trying to figure things out overseas! All that is say that before I left for my travels, I did a lot of fun stuff back in Austin. And I’ve finally got a few extra hours to sit down and tell ya all about it!

First up, I was invited to try out the new happy hour food menu at The Townsend in downtown Austin. I had visited The Townsend before and it is such a beautiful space. It’s dark and feels like you’re sneaking off to your dad’s really fancy man cave that you’re not supposed to be in. The drinks are all superb and well crafted. It is the perfect place to sip a well made cocktail after a long day. But I’ll have you know that the food is certainly worth sticking around for!

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