Fit Fridays with Chelsea Moore of Rō Fitness

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It’s that time again! Fit Fridays is back this month with Rō Fitness! I got the chance to check this place out after my friend Jane Ko gifted me a two week membership to Class Pass, thanks Jane! I had this place on my list because it’s so close to my office and hello gorgeous lake views while you’re working out! I love that you can get a full body workout in just 45 minutes. I took my class outside on a Sunday morning and it was the perfect pre-brunch activity. I highly recommend it! Not to mention they have showers and a cafe on-site for your post workout routine.

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Fit Fridays with Jennifer McCamish of Dancers Shape

Dancers Shape Ball OverheadGood morning and happy Friday friends! This week has been a bit of a doozey I must say. Like those strings of days that seem to creep by in the moment yet you find yourself being like hey where did the week go!?! Yes, that. I hope I am not the only one who this happens to! I’ve been trying to keep up with my workouts, squeeze in healthy meals, drink lots of water and still be social. It’s tough for a girl out there! Not really, haha. I feel super fortunate to be a part of a food community that supports each other and makes lots of time to get together and share good food. Seriously, so thankful. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without all you beautiful folks. So thank YOU!

This month  for Fit Fridays I visited Dancers Shape, a barre, yoga and pilates studio on Burnet in Austin. It was such a great workout! Really fast paced for a barre class I thought too. Best thing about the studio? Lots of parking! Which made it super easy to jump into the class when I was fighting traffic on my way there. Jennifer the owner taught the class I went to and it was great! She has such a wonderful energy and her smile will put you at ease even if you’re trying to lift your leg in a totally awkward position and keep shaking and thinking that this might fall somewhere between torture and WTF was I thinking. Kidding! Well about the tourture part, not about Jennifer being awesome. Afterwards she gave me a little walk through the studio. They have tons of different classes throughout the week, the most interesting of which I thought was the foam roller class! How cool is that? I didn’t even know that was a thing! I totally want to go back a try it once I can walk straight again, ha!

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Fit Fridays with Lander Peerman from Crush Fitness

crush studio runThis week has been all about the burger challenge, but earlier this month before I ate my weight in burgers, I prepped by visiting Crush Fitness.  Which is a pretty intense workout but just what I needed to kick me into gear! Crush Fitness combines running and bench work into a 55 minute super high energy and calorie burning class. It pretty much reminded me of the kind of workout I would get if I hired a personal trainer but in a group setting. You start either on the floor or on a treadmill and switch between stations during the classes, maximizing your time. And these aren’t any treadmills but special Woodway Treadmills that do all sorts of great things like make you push them with your own body weight.

Kinda crazy I know, but I walked out of there feeling really good! My trainer during the class was J.D. and he was great. He took the time to help each person in the class and even pushed me to run faster. Just the right amount of pushing, not too much, but in an encouraging way. I definitely got my sweat on! I even ran into our old friend Lauren Pou, remember the Boston Marathon runner, and she was trying out her first class! I think this class is great for any level. I told my boyfriend about it and he think it sounds great! It’s nice that we can work out together but he can run faster and use more weights than me. I even included a little picture of me below to prove that I actually completed the class!Crush

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