Jalapeno Infused Tito’s Vodka

Tequila and I… well, we have a very complicated relationship. I love a great margarita however tequila all by itself… has a tendency to come out my nose. It’s like my body rejects it or something. Sorry tequila but I just don’t think things are going to work out long-term. And just because its Cinco de Mayo doesn’t mean you have to drink tequila. In fact, grab yourself some Tito’s vodka and make this awesome Mexican inspired beverage this weekend!

You’ll need:
Tito’s Vodka
1 jalapeno
cucumber slices
Topo Chico
Candied ginger

I infused my own Tito’s vodka. I must say… my vodka was über hot. Like fire on the back of your throat that stays too long. I put an entire jalapeno, seeds and everything, into a jar with about 6oz of vodka and let it soak for 24hrs. Hindsight, that was wayyyy too long or waaaayyyy too much jalapeno. So, you might want to use less jalapeno or only infuse the vodka for a few hours.

Start by washing and slicing the cucumber.

I did a little fancy peeling here… I’ll show you what I did with these later.

Pour the glass halfway to 3/4s full of ice cold Topo Chico.

Heres the über hot jalapeno infused Tito’s Vodka! Add about a shot.

Squeeze in a little bit of lemon juice. Not too much!

Now for the fun part! Decorating! Here’s how I used one the cucumber slices.

I sandwiched a piece of candied ginger in between vodka soaked jalapenos for this one!

I added some cucumber slices to my drink to balance out the heat of the jalapeno vodka. Like I said before, dont infuse too long or use too much jalapeno like I did!

Crisp and refreshing and icy cold to help you cool down this weekend.

It’s a fiesta y’all! Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Lets party! Arriba!


I have to admit fellow friends and faithful blog readers, I didn’t really feel like writing this morning. I am feeling a little sluggish and sometimes the words just don’t come as easy as usual. But I figure writing is one of those things you just have to keep at, even when its hard and eventually it gets easier, right? At least I hope so!

Ok… enough about me… back to the food.

I grabbed a couple of girlfriends and went to check out Fresa’s chicken this week. Yall know what I am talking about… the new bright pink and blue place next Shoal Creek Saloon . How can you miss this huge, neon chicken flapping high in the sky?

I drive by this place each day to and from work so I figured it was finally time for me to see what all the hype was about. Now, let me tell yall something… this is NOT fried chicken. So many people have asked me if this was like Lucy’s Fried Chicken and this is NOT a fried chicken place. So although I love Lucy’s, this is a totally different concept so just go on ahead and get that picture out of your mind.

Fresa’s is a walk-up or drive-thru Mexican street chicken joint. Warning: there is absolutely no where to eat at Fresa’s. I’m not joking about this. You pick up your awesome chicken (more on the awesomeness below) and take it home or somewhere else to eat. We walked over to Duncan Park, which is just behind Fresa’s and has picnic tables. The weather was perfect for our evening picnic!

Upon walking up to Fresa’s, we were greeted by this cheerful, smiling face. He was super friendly and patiently answered all our girly questions about the menu. Don’t worry there was no one waiting in line behind us, so it was cool.

Lomax picking up the goods!

Don’t forget the beer! Fresa’s sells beer by the 6-pack and vino by the bottle. They charge $4-6 for a wine or beer opener so if you’re not heading home, might be a good idea to bring your own. That being said, Fresa’s also sells margarita kits, which is everything you need for a marg but bring your own tequila… no tequila sold on the premises.

This is awesome guacamole!! I actually, everyone collectively gasp, thought it was better than the queso. There I said it. El guac es mas mejor que el queso.

Cranch got the Classic Torta. She kindly let me have a taste and it was delicioso! This would be perfect for lunch. Most of the menu is served family style but the tortas and salads can be single servings. Or served as sides to the chicken.

Here they are again! Mexican Street Corn! I’m telling yall… elotes are the next big old thing to be new again. Just watch!

Here is the Oregano and Cracked pepper marinated chicken. We got a half meal and split it between 3 girls with sides and it was plenty of food. The chicken comes with black beans, rice, salsas and fresh corn tortillas. Caveat: the chicken comes wrapped in butcher paper. AKA no plates. So as we unpacked our dinner, we realized we would be roughing it a little bit and all sharing our meal off the butcher paper. They forgot to send the tortillas and cutlery with us so we had to go back and get them. I chalk that up to a minor kink in a new place. The chicken was delectable. Perfectly marinated, not dry at all. I found the corn tortillas to be perfect however my flour-loving friends weren’t on the band wagon with the traditional corn tortillas.

This is the new potato salad. We shared it as a side.

White rice, black beans, red and green salsas.

Our messy picnic spread. The roasted jalapeno was SPIII-CCCYYY.

My little taco. Think I had 3… so good.

And this spicy green sauce is about the closest replication I’ve ever tried to Taco Deli’s Dona Sauce. This sauce wasn’t quite as addictive as Dona Sauce but delicious none the less and on the same flavor lines.

Have you been to Fresa’s? What did you think? Do you hope they’ll be open for breakfast soon?

Papi Tino’s

Happy Hump Day Everyone! As this week continues to build up to Cinco de Mayo, I thought it would only be appropriate to highlight some Mexican dishes, restaurants and drinks. I finally got around to trying out Papi Tino’s this weekend. Mi Madre came in town for a surprise visit and the weather was perfecto so we decided to hop on over to Papi Tino’s to try it out. This inconspicuous little white house sits on East 6th street. If it weren’t for all the outside seating, one could easily pass right on by this little place. We got there just after 7pm on Saturday and the place wasn’t too busy yet and we were able to easily find street parking. There was not a wait and we were quickly seated at this little table outside. Also, bonus, Papi Tino’s is dog friendly! Win!

I could not have been happier with my drink choice. This is a Devil’s  Bow Tie, which is a Pink  Bow Tie  with jalapeno infused tequila. OMG YES! This drink was awesome. Not too sweet and gives you that fire on the back of your throat. It was light and refreshing, perfect for a spring evening.

Mi Madre went with the Classic Margarita and she loved it. I tasted it and liked it because it wasn’t too syrup-y like a lot of margaritas.

Another picture of the Devil’s Bow Tie… just emphasizing how much I loved this drink.

We started off with the Queso Panela al Horno. This stuff was delicious… if you can’t tell from the picture. Queso Panela is a soft, white Mexican cheese. The texture and shape kind of remind me of Brie. Although, queso panela is not quite as creamy as Brie. This appetizer came topped with mushrooms and chiles.

Not sure y’all understand how much self-control I was using to take this picture and not immediately dive into this awesome queso.

The Queso Panela comes with these little breads as vehicles for delivering  goodness.

Be sure to get those ‘shrooms on there!

Mi Madre and I decided to split the Chicken Enchiladas. We were debating on getting the Camarones Diablo which also looked scrumptious but we were feeling a little extra famished after walking around SoCo that afternoon.

Alex got the Sopa Poblano. Creamy poblano soup with prosciutto!?! It was quite delish! I really enjoyed this soup and it was surprisingly flavorful.

The tables all had tiny little vases with colorful flowers. As it got darker the servers came by and lit the candles on each table. Between the sunset, twinkle lights and flamenco band… the atmosphere was quite perfect!


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