Monday Monday

I was going to make you some really cute Christmas cookies. I really, really was. But then I got stuck in traffic on I-35 for 5 hours yesterday, and decided that cute cookies were not happening. Sorry kids. I am still planning to make you cookies though, just not today.

I spent sometime at my moms house this weekend. Isn’t her street just gorgeous during fall?

My grandparents brought me back some vanilla beans from Cancun. I’m so excited about these!

I watched a lot of Home Alone. Seriously, is there an Alamo Drafthouse quote along? Because if there is, I’m totally in.

I also made a big batch of cilantro pesto for my mom. Yumo.

And then I cut my thumb pretty bad. I’m not sure if you’ve ever sliced your thumb while simultaneously slicing a jalapeƱo, but I do not recommend it.

I firmly believe everyone should own at least one fuzzy hat. Even if you live in Texas and your winters consist mostly of days that are 70 degrees and sunny.

Mimi loves the big windows at my mom’s house. They are the perfect height for her to rest her chin while playing guard dog.

I roasted chestnuts for the first time!

I CANNOT get enough of this song! Been on repeat all weekend. #musicmonday


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