Blueberry Basil Pie

Blueberry Basil Pie by Natalie Paramore 2
You guys! I am so sorry. I’ve been holding back on you. I mean THIS pie. BLUEBERRY pie. It’s lovely isn’t it? And perfect for summer aka something you should be making right now. Yes, go right now, go bake! I had a lot of fun with this pie. It’s one of those simple ones, like the strawberry pie I made, that are just always a good idea. I suppose that begs the question of when is pie not a good idea, who I am to judge? I can almost always find a reason for pie. Dinner party? Pie. Going to my Granny’s house? Pie. Monday? Definitely pie.
Blueberry Basil Pie by Natalie ParamoreBlueberry Basil Pie by Natalie Paramore 5
And the reason for always pie? I mean I think these photos speak for themselves! It always amazes me how a few simple ingredients can completely transform into something totally different. That is the magic in baking, when somehow cooking goes from being an art to being science. You need just the right amount of this to mix with that but if the temperature is hot, you might need a little more water and on and on it goes. That magical science stuff.
This is where baking turns into life, how two seemingly unrelated paths comes together and forge something totally different. Ok maybe that is just my life? When something happens and out of nowhere you’re like oh! that thing two years, totally helping me out now. Funny how that magical life stuff works. Just when I am ready to give up on something, boom, out of nowhere something comes up and reminds me why all this hard work is worth it. Like pie. Makes  sense, right? Keep working that flour, water and ice cold butter and before you know it, the most beautiful buttery dough. As pie as in life. You’re welcome.
Blueberry Basil Pie by Natalie Paramore 4
Blueberry Basil Pie by Natalie Paramore 3
Blueberry Basil Pie by Natalie Paramore 7
Now onto the recipe! This recipe originally appeared on Food Fanatic.


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