Where to Eat During SXSW: NO VA Kitchen & Bar

Rainey Street is always bustling during SXSW and thankfully this year we have NO VA Kitchen & Bar as an actual restaurant to dine at! Rainey Street keeps it pretty casual in general with all the trailers, which I love, but I am happy to have a place where I can grab a cocktail and some serious mac ‘n cheese, even into the wee morning hours. The atmosphere is clean and modern, a little isle of respite amidst hispter central.

Summary: Chef Brad Sorenson, formerly of Asti and The Next Food Network Star, brings modern comfort food to Rainey Street. Creative cocktails and an ever changing menu keep this place fresh. An airy and clean interior is laid-back, the three patios are perfect for grabbing drinks. Open late, the bar food menu is definitely something worth staying up for!

What to order:

  • Eat: Cheeseburger, Braised Beef Short Ribs, Bacon & Eggs Pasta
  • Drink: Rum Fashioned, Bloody Mary


  • Address: 87 Rainey Street Austin, TX 78701
  • Phone number: 512-
  • Hours of Operation: Tuesday- Saturday 5pm-12am; Sunday brunch 11am-3pm
  • Takes reservations: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Website: www.novaonrainey.com

NO VA _Rum Fashioned

 The Rum Fashioned at NO VA is hands down my current favorite drink in town. The slow melting cider ice cube adds just the perfect amount of sweetness.

NO VA Braised Beef Short RIbs_Natalie Paramore1

The Braised Beef Short Ribs and Brussels Sprouts are the top menu seller at NO VA, and there is definitely a reason why! A hearty dish is just what you need to power through the SXSW bustle. NO VA Kale Pizza

 The Warm Kale and Potato pizza is great for a quick bite. Perfect for sharing and the crispy crust has a little cracker quality to it. I also can’t get enough of the housemade hot sauce, which is mild enough to please any palate.

NO VA Mac n Cheese

 Don’t miss the mac ‘n cheese! Creamy goodness, I like to order mine with jalapenos. They’ve sold over half a ton of it in the past six months!

NO VA Burger

 This burger is infamous for being “too juicy” so be sure to have your napkins ready! It also comes with fried potato chips.

NO VA Bacon and Eggs Pasta

 I couldn’t be happier that the Bacon and Eggs pasta is on both the brunch and dinner menus. Because let’s be honest, I really can’t get enough of the housemade noodles and crispy bacon lardons. #putaneggonit

NO VA Blueberry Donuts

Last but not least, the Blueberry Donuts with Lavender dipping sauce are light, sweet, gorgeously dusted. Just the right amount of sweetness to take you into an after meal cocktail.

Peek Inside NO VA Kitchen & Bar

If you’ve been around me lately, you’ve know I’ve been spending a lot of time on Rainey Street working with the awesome team at NO VA Kitchen & Bar. The question is, have you been over to try it? They just got a new fall inspired menu and started serving brunch. Hello my favorite meal! So I wanted to share with you all some of the gorgeous food that Chef Brad + team are serving up a NO VA. Plus, did I mention the cocktails are hella, wicked strong? Yeah, they really are. Which makes taking these photos all the more fun. Now, after writing this I really need that Bacon & Eggs Pasta, like right meow.


First up, cocktails:

Ode to Trejo_Natalie Paramore

Ode to Trejo

Hello mezcal! This old fashion packs a punch, as the cider ice cubes melts down the entire flavor profile changes. Two drinks in one!

Thunderstruck_Natalie Paramore


You had me at Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee. I think I’d like this served affogato style for dessert!

Kale Salad with Coconut Ginger Dressing_Natalie Paramore

Kale Salad

I was hooked on this creamy coconut milk, ginger dressing. Yes, just yes.

Eggs & Mushrooms_Natalie Paramore

Eggs & Mushrooms

Nothing like a little breakfast for dinner. Slow poached eggs and thinly sliced mushrooms.

Kale Pesto and Poached Potato Pizza with Arugula and Hot Sauce_Natalie Paramore

Grilled Pizza- Kale Pesto and Poached Potatoes

You’ll find this on the bar menu, but it is definitely a winner. And that house made srircha like hot sauce has me drooling.

Wings_Natalie Paramore

House Made Hot Wings

You can only get these babies on select Wednesday nights, so look for the specials. They run out fast, and my oh my can I see why, 24-hours is how they spending marinating in the house hot sauce and mustard. Gimme right now.

Fruit Loops Cereal Milk Dessert_Natalie Paramore

Lemongrass Panna Cotta and Fruit Loop Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk desserts are here to stay yall. This bowl of creamy deliciousness will take you right back to Saturday mornings watching cartoons.



OH yes.

Get it now.

Ok, maybe on Sunday since that’s the only day they serve it.

Brunch Bloody Mary_Natalie Paramore

Bloody Mary


Brunch Milk Punch_Natalie Paramore

Milk Punch

Creamy and cool, perfect for easing into a Sunday.

Brunch Sweet Potato Hash_Natalie Paramore

Sweet Potato Hash

House hollandaise and perfectly poached eggs, a must try.

Brunch Bread Pudding French Toast 2_Natalie Paramore

Savory French Toast Bread Pudding

Comes with house sausage on the side. Needs no more explanation.

Brunch Bacon and Eggs Pasta_Natalie Paramore

Bacon and Eggs Pasta

The cure to everything that ails you. Salty, comforting, egg-y goodness. Exactly what I’ve been waiting for my whole life, combing my love for carbs with my love for brunch:

Breakfast pasta.

That is the note I am ending this on. Be sure to check out NO VA and tell ’em Natalie sent ya.


The Smoke Experiment at Clive Bar

Yesterday I got the chance to attend The Smoke Experiment at Clive Bar. A foodie event at one of my favorite bars in town on a gorgeous day? You bet I was in.

The place was jam packed but we got to taste a lot of fun food. Every dish had to have an element of smoke in the taste. That’s a smoked corn chowder.

Brooklyn Brewery was on hand serving up their finest.



The Holy Smokers were there cooking for a cause. Check them out!

That’s Mary Makes Dinner rocking out some amazing smoked cherries, chocolate ice cream and marshmallows!

And Jennie Chen of MisoHungry doing her thing!

It was a fun event and I’m glad I got to attend!