Summer Mint and Pea Pesto

Summer Mint and Pea Pesto by Natalie Paramore

Summer time in most places means lots and lots of fresh herbs! And in Austin, that was the case for me until we left for China during twelve of the hottest days this summer– ack! I came home to what looked the scorched earth. I’m sorry Mr. Purple Jalapeño Plant! Lucky for you, the local farms are much better at tending their herb gardens than I am and you can still find lots of fresh and fragrant bunches of herbs on stands. I even picked up a load of basil two days ago! While I have my, lets call it, lack of enthusiasm for summer, its just too dang hot for me y’all, there are still plenty of good things to behold! Like fresh mint! And fresh peas! And this lovely, flavorful pesto! 

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Strawberry Lemon Mint Fat Flush Water

I have been seeing all these pretty fresh fruit waters and thought hey I want some! Then I realized it’s all part of this fat flush water trend. Thanks Dr.Oz.

I still really wanted to try the waters, so I grabbed the fresh stuff I had in the fridge and decide to try my own! Plus, I had just gotten these blue ball jars and really needed something to show them off with. I mean, hello, blue glass, so pretty. Ok maybe I’m just a total sucker for unnecessary kitchen items. Especially if they are of the copper or blue variety 😉

I used

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strawberry, lemon and mint in mine! After doing a little more research, it looks like cucumber, grapefruit and celery are also very popular for fat flush waters. The combos are really just up to you and your taste buds! And I happen to be having a romantic love affair with lemons right now. I buy them by the bag full and even keep some at my desk. So lemons were an obvious choice for my water.

Another thing I love about these ball jars, other than their utter cuteness, is how useful they are for storing the fat flush water.

Just add water, all the freshies, screw the top back on and boom! Water for the week. Perfect for taking to the office or wherever else you might be off too!


What are your fav fruit water combos?

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