Benji’s Cantina: CLOSED

There’s lots of new spots popping up on West 6th recently. I went with a few friends to check out Benji’s Cantina . The atmosphere is bustling and you’re sure to run into a friend or five while you’re there. It’s upscale Mexican cuisine that doesn’t feel fussy. The restaurant has some serious square footage and the rooftop is quite large as well, with two bars and full-service dining. Don’t let the white table cloths fool you, come here ready to grub. I would definitely recommend getting a reservation for the next weeks (months) so you don’t have to wait a terribly long time.

The menus are leather bound and huge.

The drinks are poured with a heavy hand, so be ready!

The La Chupacabra and Pepino Endiablablo.

The Shrimp Diablo are huge. The goat cheese was a nice touch.

The Guacamole is prepared table side, mi favorito, and didnt disappoint. Dig in!

The El Gigante Verde may have been my favorite drink of the evening. Nothing better than a perfectly prepared margarita!

Chile en Nogada is a poblano stuffed with Picadillo, apples and almonds all in a pecan creama. This dish was the most surprising and definitely makes my top five chile relleno list. It’s right up there with the butternut squash chile relleno from La Condesa.

These are the famous $45 fajitas you’ve been hearing about. I must say the Premium Beef Tenderloin fajitas were some of the best I’ve had. Think tender steakhouse meat served fajita style. You could put all the strips back together and you’d have one heck of a steak. Plenty enough to share and well worth the splurge.

Growing up in Texas, I’ve had my fair share of sopapilla cheesecakes, but this one is the first one served cobbler style. I loved it! And this coming from someone who usually turns down dessert. A must try.

In proper Tex-Mex tradition wrap up your meal with a good ol shot of mezcal. And yes, I refused to swallow the worm.