4200 Lamar Austin, TX

There are a lot of great things at the corner of 42nd Street and Lamar. First of all, you can get great tacos AND great coffee. It is really a great thing. Of course having all that right across from your office is really hard to resist. So sometimes I give in. Like yesterday.

 I tried the Guacasabi Tuna and the Akaushi Picadillo at Taco Deli. I loooove their Dona Sauce. I try not to smother my tacos in the green, creamy deliciousness, mainly because its so spicy that usually end up with a runny nose and teary eyes. And the tacos are really good all by themselves!

 Right next door is Houndstooth Coffee. They serve up some great high quality brews and their staff is always super friendly and can answer pretty much any snobby coffee question you have. So don’t be afraid to ask!

And they are only open for dinner, but I highly recommend you all go and try Uchiko .

Have a fantastic Saturday!

Taco Deli



Puerco Borracho: Its super tender and tastes a lot better than it looks!

Frontera Fundido Chicken with Dona Sauce










The glorious Dona Sauce... so good it deserves its own picture.