Chi’Lantro on South Lamar

Chi'Lantro Kimchi Fries by Natalie Paramore

Ok lets starting talking about how I can’t stop talking about Kimchi Fries from Chi’Lantro BBQ. Like OMG can’t stop, won’t stop. But seriously. These may be on the top ten things I’ve ever put in my mouth, for reals. These salty, bbq-y, kimchi-y, so savory you’ll be dreaming about them for weeks, fries are tastebud changing. These things definitely Chi’Lantro on the foodie map in Austin. They started from humble beginnings, a guy and his food truck trying to navigate the way through the ATX hipster food scene in the biggest rise in food trucks since, ever? I mean how many food trucks do you that have their own Wikipedia page? These guys are legit, not to mention they have several accolades from everyone from Food Network to being featured at ACL. And there is a reason, because they areĀ thatĀ good.

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This weekend I drove up to D-town for a belated Father’s Day visit. I went to the Ranger game with my dad and sister. Sadly they lost, but I hadn’t been to a Ranger game in years so it was still super fun! After a long drive back on Sunday, I was ready to take it easy and grab dinner with with a friend. After an unexpected cool front, and by cool I mean a balmy 92 degrees at 8pm, we grabbed a table outside at Opa!. I’ve been to Opa! before but hadn’t had a chance to write about it!

I decided on the Baked Feta. Technically it’s an appetizer, but I ate it as my meal and I don’t regret one single morsel. So delicious. Only thing I’ll do different next time is get a side of kalamata olives.

The patio is dog-friendly so I’ll probably bring the meems next time. Perfect place to meet a group. They have a good wine and beer selection as well as coffee.

Good colors at the game Saturday night!

Happy Monday!

Toastie’s Sub Shop

My friends have been

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raving about Toastie’s Sub Shop but I had never had the chance to try it out. This weekend I made a quick trip over to South Lamar to try this place out. I know I am little late to the game but better late than never!

I couldn’t find a website for Toastie’s just a Facebook page. I also couldn’t locate an online menu, so I snapped a picture of the menu and posted it below. They also had a ton of chalkboard specials.

A peak at the ordering station inside Toastie’s

Chalkboard specials. The inside of Toastie’s was dark but had TVs and board games. There is also plenty of outside seating to enjoy their selection beers.

Here is a peak at the Toastie’s Sub Shop Menu.

The other side of the Toastie’s menu.

I didn’t try one but the smoothies look awesome!

The Toastie’s Club.

I got the Cali Club. It has my favorite sandwich combo, avocado and bacon! I saw that they had basil pesto on several of their sandwiches so I ordered a side. Gives a great flavor!

The bread is perfect. I’d say it’s the best thing about the sandwich. It’s a tad crispy but soft at the same time. And it’s doesnt scrape the top of your mouth. Perfection!

Have you been to Toastie’s? What do you recommend?