Lucy’s Fried Chicken

I made my way over to Lucy’s Fried Chicken this weekend. I knew it would be good… It’s the same fried chicken from the Olivia stand at ACL. But what really interested me were the fried deviled eggs… I just had to know what these were all about.

Here is a little preview of the menu. They are big paper ones. I was kind of hoping the server would bring out some crayons so I could color on it or play tic-tac-toe. No dice but maybe next time. We sat on the patio which had heaters, a tv and is dog friendly. Of course while there, we ran into two different groups of friends. Always nice to see familiar faces.

I’m an oyster lover so we tried the Diablo oysters on recommendation from a friend. I like spicy food y’all, but these seriously had a kick! Whoa! Watch out.

Here are those fried deviled eggs I was talking about. They are good and really heavy and rich. This is definitely a place you want to go ready to grub.

A little peek at the inside. They are served slightly warm and with a sauce. I really enjoyed them, definitely not something you could eat more than one or two of at a time though!

To counter act all the spiciness we got a side of mashed Mexican coke sweet potatoes. Yes, they are super sweet! Almost like dessert but perfect for putting the fire out in my mouth after those Diablo oysters!

This is the basket of fried chicken. Which was perfectly crispy and juicy. It was delicious! The bucket of chicken is much bigger and would definitely be better for sharing with a larger group.

They have a full bar, stocked with mostly Texas stuff. Love it!

Hope y’all enjoy this place as much as I did!

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Ranch 616

Anyone want a margarita? Because I could sure use one. Especially this one from Ranch 616.

After an afternoon of game watching at J Black’s, Leah Pigg, Ellie Little, Luke Thompson and I decided to grab some dinner at Ranch 616. We got several different dishes and split everything, which is my favorite. I love being able to try several different things, especially when there are so many great choices!

After we ordered our drinks, we started things off with the Don Combo, fried oysters and bacon wrapped shrimp.

Close up of the bacon wrapped shrimp with ranch.

They kindly split our Ranch Slice of Ice, so this is a mini piece. Of course, extra pepper on mine!

This was a special, mahi mahi with tiger shrimp and topped with bananas. It was definitely different but awesome at the same time. Hopefully, I’ll make it back before they take this one off the menu!

Of course, bacon and cheese mashers on the side were gone in no time with this crowd.

This is Jalapeno Maize Chicken, quite delish.

They brought out these awesome biscuits at the end… not that I needed more carbs but I definitely helped myself 🙂

This picture didnt turn out as well but what would dinner be without dessert?