Khong River House Miami, FL

Blackberry Lychee House Punch at Khong River House Miami by Natalie Paramore

I’ve been slowly getting all the photos from my recent trip to Florida ready for you. They were just so pretty and I wanted to make sure that they looked as good on here as they did in my mind. So whenever a picture doesn’t come out quite like I remember it, I will fret and analyze and try to tweak it into perfection. Luckily, the photos from Khong River House turned out, well, really pretty! During my trip to Miami we were able to sneak out of the hotel and off to a wonderful dinner at Khong River House. It is an Asian fusion restaurant that is owned by the same people who do Yardbird, which is high on my list for my next trip to Miami. Khong River has a gorgeous bar that produces gems of cocktails like these.

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iHeartRadio #Ultimate Pool Party Miami, FL

NP iheart radio pool party Fontainebleau Miami

Gooood Morning! I am coming to you live from Miami, FL for the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party! When I rolled up from the airport, this is walked I into. I mean hello gorgeous! I got the amazing opportunity to come down to Miami and cover the party just for all of you. You may have noticed from my Twitter posts that last night had quite the lineup and today and tonight only get better. Don’t worry, I have plenty of foodie adventures planned for this trip and those will most definitely be shared. I am really excited to be sharing more music on my blog like I have before and promised I would do more often! I can’t tell you how massive and gorgeous every inch of The Fontainebleau Miami is. I mean wow, it is so Miami in all the best ways. first off there are 11 pools and I’ve already gotten lost like twice here. Ok maybe not really, but I’ve definitely gotten turned around, eerrr turned up I believe is what we are calling it this weekend haha.

NP iheart radio pool party pink carpet

We walked the pink carpet and were whisked into the VIP to enjoy the show last night. I was thrilled to find out that the lounge was sponsored by none other than good ol’ Austin local Tito’s Vodka! I was feeling right at home. I wore heels to dinner but was thrilled when the other girls on the trip were like be comfortable so I was happy to toss on my flats and bebop around the party.

NP iheart radio VIP cabana

Our bungalows awaited but I was content to walk around and see all the different parts of the party. There is a huge lawn in front the stage, a bar with misters and charging stations and plenty of other nooks with drinks and lounges. I wanted to check them all out to see where will be best to watch all the big shows tonight!

Of course I wanted to give you all a peak at what you will get to see when they broadcast the show after the event! Here are some videos I grabbed on my iPhone last night.

NP VF_PoolParty_Graphic_062314 Twitter #2

Follow me on Twitter today at 3:30pm Austin time to get all the details about the party and a chance to win an autographed guitar from all the artists playing! Tonight Neon Trees, J.Lo and Magic! Get excited, I know I am!

And of course, here is a sneak peak of my dinner at Khong River House. It was delicious and there will be a bigger post later 🙂

Khong River House Miami

This trip and post were sponsored by VISIT FLORIDA and iHeartRadio. All opinions and shenanigans are my own, per usual.

I’m Going to Miami!

Get excited y’all, I am about to go on a trip to Miami and I am taking you (via this blog) along for the ride! I got this great opportunity through VISIT FLORIDA. They reached out to me to come and attend the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party on June 27th & 28th at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. I mean what kind of awesome planet am I living on that I get to attend this party? I am not really sure, but I do know that I am totally stoked about it. I’ve have told y’all before how much I love music and want to share about that more. So this was the perfect opportunity to get to do that! I will be participating in a Twitter chat while I am there, if you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen me chatting about it last week. During the Twitter chat on Saturday June 28th, you can follow and get the chance to win an autographed guitar from all the performers at the show!

NP VF_PoolParty_Graphic_062314 Twitter #2

What am I most excited about it? Well first of all, Tiesto will be there and umm I love him! I was so lucky to see him at The Blackheart during SXSW, really small venue on Rainey Street, and now I can’t wait to see him again in Miami! Other performers that I am excited about are JLO, Neon Trees and Iggy Azalea! You can get the full lineup here.


I am really excited about this trip but I am also a little nervous. I am traveling there by myself, which is fine, I have traveled by myself many times. But when I get there I won’t know anyone. I think it will probably be fun, I’ve never really met a stranger, but there are a few other bloggers attending, which is great, but also a little intimidating. I think there is potential for a few awkward moments, but hopefully it will be more fun than anything!

After my time in Miami, I will be heading up to the northeast Florida to visit St. Augustine and Jacksonville. I know that those cities will be lots of fun as well. I have heard that they have some really great distilleries,  restaurants and an up and coming music scene… hmmm sounds like a city I know! If you have ant tips or places I must try while I am there, please let me know. I can’t wait to share all my trip with you. But first tell me where some of your favorite spots in Florida are!

This post was sponsored by VISIT FLORIDA but all opinions are my own.