Coconut Curry Lobster Bisque

I’ve been wanting to make lobster bisque even though lobster has never been my favorite ingredient. Interesting because I love seafood especially crustaceans. I originally had the idea for coconut lobster bisque because I frequently use coconut milk in my soups, but then I wanted to make it spicy and that’s where the red curry came in. After a few minor mishaps, that you’ll see below, the flavor came out pretty well.

You’ll need:
About 3 lbs of lobster (this wound up being 2 tails for me)
1 can of coconut cream (I used coconut milk but cream would have been much better)
4 cups of chicken broth
4 cups of water
1 stalk of lemongrass
2-3 sprigs of lemon thyme
1 small lime
1 small white onion
4 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of red curry paste
Few sprigs of fresh cilantro
Kosher salt

Place lobsters in a large stock pot with 4 cups of water. Add some kosher salt and boil for 12 minutes.

12 minutes later… Nice bright red lobster! Leave the water in the pot.

Remove from pot and let cool.

While the lobsters are boiling/cooling, get started chopping the herbs.

I did a rough chop of the herbs and didn’t even cut the lemon thyme at all. We are going blend them later.

After the lobster tails are cool enough to handle, remove the meat from the shells over the pot. This way all the juices go into the pot adding lots of flavor.

Start by twisting the tail off. Place the shells back in the pot and place the lobster meat in a bowl.


Placing lobster meat in a bowl.

Shells in the stock water.

Careful! I sliced my thumb pretty bad on one of the shells!

Lobster meat. Dice into bite sized pieces and set aside.

Add herbs to stock water with shells.

Add 4 cups of chicken broth.

Give that a little stir.

Bring the stock to a boil.

Then cover and let simmer for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes, place a pot under your colander.

I forgot to put the colander over a pot and got distracted and accidentally poured out some of the


Oh well, added a little extra water and chicken broth to make up for it.

Strain the stock, removing the whole ingredients.

Remove all of the lobster shells but leave the herbs.

Pour stock and herbs into a blender. I did this in two batches. Blend until completely smooth.

It foamed up and spilled over so be sure to do this in multiple batches or you’ll wind up with a huge mess like me!

It got a little foamy but that’s ok.

Add coconut cream. I know I used milk but coconut cream will give this a more bisque-like thickness.

Add one tablespoon of red curry paste. More if you like it super spicy!

The juice of one small lime.

Add in diced pieces of lobster meat. Simmer for 5-10 minutes or until everything is nice and hot.

And there you have it! Lobster bisque! Garnish with cilantro.


Coconut Lemongrass Soup

With the cold front that blew in last night, who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a hot bowl of soup? The great thing about this soup is that it’s filling without being too heavy and keeps well, so it’s perfect to make a lot and keep the rest for leftovers or take to work for lunch.

You’ll need:

Carrots- I used 2 large bulk carrots and peeled and sliced them.

Cilantro- this is to add at the end, so you won’t need much. Or if you don’t like cilantro you can leave it out all together.

Garlic- 2 to 3 fresh cloves.

Mushrooms- I grabbed a carton of shrooms that were already sliced and washed.

Ginger- get the fresh kind. You’ll need a piece about the size of a thumb. I have small hands so I overestimated.

Lemongrass- I had to go to Central Market to get this! I asked the produce guy and he helped me pick a fresh piece. It won’t look dried out. It’s located by the herbs and kind of looks like a small piece of bamboo or stalky green onion.

Chicken Broth- 3 cans or about 6 cups.

Coconut Milk- 1 can or 2 cups. I usually love Goya brand products but havent had good luck with their coconut milk or cream. I suggest using a premium Asian brand, they are much better quality.


Asian Noodles- any rice noodle will do. I always like to try different textures.

Chicken- about 1lb aka 1 chicken breast.

Fish Sauce- you can find this near the soy sauce at the grocery store.

Peel the brown skin off of the ginger. I just used my fingers because the odd shape made using a knife or peeler a little dangerous. The skin comes off pretty easily.

Chop up all the veggies and dice the ginger and garlic.

Cut the chicken into small bite size pieces.

For the lemongrass, peel the thicker outter layers off. Then chop off the bulb or end part. Thinly slice, just like you would a green onion.

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Then add noodles. Turn off heat and allow noodles to soak while you cook.

I cooked my chicken a little in a skillet before adding to the soup, just to be on the safe side.

Meanwhile, bring chicken broth, carrots, and garlic to a boil. Reduce to simmer and add mushrooms, ginger, chicken, fish sauce and coconut milk. Simmer for 15min.

The fish sauce will add a salty flavor. Add one to two tablespoons depending on your preference.

Place noodles in the bottom of the bowl then pour hot soup over them. Top with cilantro and serve! I added some Siracha to my bowl to amp up the spice.

This will keep well for a few days in the fridge so enjoy!

Whole Foods Cooking Class

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m a huge Twitter fan. (you can follow me @natalieparamore) That being said, a few weeks ago I won a cooking class at Whole Foods by answering a trivia question via Twitter. Awesome! I got to bring a guest and the lovely Ms.Charisse Sayers came with me!

I wanted to share the all the great photos because these are the kinds of things that inspire my cooking. More importantly, I wanted to share what I learned about Whole Planet Foundation. It’s Whole Foods non-profit that gives micro loans to those in need in third world countries to establish their own businesses. If you’ve never heard of micro finance loans, I suggest you check it out. They are really cool programs!

Here is a picture of the menu. I have to admit, I was so hungry that I ate the Kenyan Style Tomatoes and Kale before I took a picture…oops! But it’s a dish that I will definitely be making for the blog, so be on the lookout.

When we arrived, we got to choose to between water or a variety of dry sodas. I chose lemongrass and it was surprisingly refreshing! I wasn’t sure what to expect but the best way I can describe it is as a flavored sparkling water.

The main dish was a Peruvian style chicken. We were actually served half of a chicken with green rice. The Peruvian spice rub wasn’t spicy but had a great flavor.

The coconut bread was what I was most excited about! When I read the menu before attending, I thought the coconut bread was going to be dessert. However, the bread wasn’t really sweet but instead had a hint of coconut flavor that accompanied the Peruvian spices quite well. The Chef demonstrated how to make the bread, even using live yeast! I have never made homemade bread before but I want to try it after tasting this bread!

At the end of the meal, we got these yummy frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate. I want to make these ASAP!