Cooking Planit App

The Cooking Planit App Winner, Meredith Cranch, used the app to cook me and a friend dinner! Meredith will openly admit, she’s not one for cooking much and thinks the process can be a little overwhelming.

Despite that, she did an awesome job, with the help of Cooking Planit of course!

Meredith used the Cooking Planit App to choose a meal based on her preferences. She chose Ribeye, Goat Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes and she used the customization feature to replace an arugula salad with a chopped salad. Looks delicious, huh? Well, here is how she did it!

This is a screen shot of the meal she chose.

She used the customization feature to replace with arugula salad with a chopped salad. Then the Cooking Planit app created a grocery list for her. She was able to remove ingredients that she already had, like olive oil and salt.

Off to the grocery store she went! Cooking Planit app in hand.

Having a little fun in the produce section.

Hmmm what does a shallot look like? Good thing the app has pictures of what everything looks like!

How much ribeye does she need?!? The app customizes your grocery list based on how many servings you choose.

Grocery shopping can be fun!

Chopping and mincing weren’t Meredith’s favorite tasks. The app adjusts the time your meal will be ready based on how long you take to move through each step.

Meat and fire! This was Meredith’s favorite part!

We called in reinforcements… Thanks Lomax!

A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen.

I’d just like to say props to the Cooking Planit Chef and recipe developer. Goat cheese and panko stuffed tomatoes?!? Delicious! Even for a gal who isn’t keen on tomatoes.

Admiring her work. Now it’s time to eat!

An amazing meal by Meredith Cranch made possible with the Cooking Planit app! To set up your own free account, go to

To watch Meredith’s responses about how the app works, watch this YouTube video we made!

And please, let’s all not make too much fun of my voice!