First Look at La V: Closed

Happy opening day to La V! I was lucky enough to score an invite to their friends and family night last weekend and am excited to share a few photos with you! Bare with me, these were taken in hast on my iphone, but it will give you an idea. Besides, once you go and try it out, you’ll understand why I to dove right into these gorgeous plates. Oh and I should mention that this is one of the most decadently gorgeous restaurants in Austin. Every little detail is perfect. There is a chilled private wine room that you can reserve. There are light blue velvet booths, large glass bulbs adorn the wine room ceiling and a feeling of luxurious comfort exudes from every crevice. I felt like I was in my very stylish and very rich grandmother’s living room. And my grandma has got some good style! The worst part about the night? Leaving, because this is the kind of place where you really don’t want dinner to ever end. Take note though fair readers, they are booked solid through April in the dining room, but the wine bar and patio which both serve the full menu are walk-in. The wine bar list is extensive and the menu is straight forward… now onto the photos!

Wine Wall_La V

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Hillside Farmacy

Last week I went to lunch with my dear friend at Hillside Farmacy . I immediately loved that atmosphere with the cooper cornered tables and glass cabinets lining the walls. They staff were super friendly and we were able to get a table for 2 right away. The lunch crowd was bustling but not too packed.

The blue glass salt and pepper shakers were the perfect accents. My friend and I were opting for a light lunch of salads, but the server did let us know that they were out of oysters due to the happy hour the day before. Which only enticed me to come back for happy hour and try out the oysters.

I got the panzanella salad which was fresh and filling. I requested the peach vinegarette. It was delicious and the perfect summer companion to my salad.

We grabbed Stumptown Iced coffees to -go for a caffeine boost for our afternoon meetings.

I spied some delicious mac ‘n cheese and a foodie friend of mine highly recommends the sandwiches. I’ve heard their gluten- free bread is also quite tasty. I am already planning a return visit for happy hour oysters and cocktails.