Where to Eat During SXSW: King & Country

King & Country

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Summary: In true Austin fashion, you’d never know that this trailer was starter by a chef hailing from a Michelin Start restaurant. Expect exceptional coffee, biscuits and sandwiches. Enjoy these on the patio surrounding the trailer. They may be the only trailer in town that takes reservations for brunch, be sure not to miss this one!

What to Order:
Eat: BLT Egg Sandwich, Chorizo Benedict, Parmesan Grits

  • Address: 2921 E. 17th Street Bldg. A, Austin, TX 78702
  • Phone number: 619-200-9888
  • Hours of Operation:Wed-Fri 9am- 3pm, Sat- Sun 11am- 3pm
  • Takes reservations: Yes on Sundays for brunch, all other times walk-up service
  • WiFi: No
  • Website: King & Country Food Co. 

Vert’s Kebap

I went and tried out Vert’s Kebaps last week. I went to the actual restaurant on the drag but they have several food cart locations as well. This is the Doner Kebap with lamb and beef. It comes on fresh house-made bread, which for some reason I was picturing a gyro but it was delish none the less. I mixed the spicy and house sauces… excellent! And don’t forget to add the feta!!

Happy Monday!

Coat and Thai

After a great lunch at Short Bus Subs, I gathered up a few friends headed back down South Congress for dinner at the Coat and Thai food trailer. I had heard a lot of good things about this place so I wanted to check it out for myself!


It was a great night for dinner with friends!

You get a number for your order and go sit down and wait to be called.


Was a hoppin’ place that night!

They serve Topo Chico in addition in cokes, tea and coffee. No alcohol though. Credit Cards accepted and there is an ATM on site as well.


We started off with the Egg Rolls. Crispy on the outside and piping hot on the inside. Nothing super stand out about these but they were delish none the less. I did like the red dipping sauce they came with.


The pork dumplings came all wrapped up in foil. I really enjoyed these but I am a sucker for dumplings. The sweet dark sauce that comes with these really up the flavor.


Don’t forget to eat everything with chopsticks! Ok, fine, they have regular forks and knives too but chopsticks are way more fun!


Kellie got the Pad Thai and kindly let me taste a bite. Pad Thai is not my go-to but I did enjoy this one. Especially with a little extra soy sauce.


Songy went with the Pad Kee Mao. These flat noodles are served with an array of veggies and are quite delicious. Vegetarians dig into this one!


Lomax and I split the Green Curry Chicken which is my favorite Thai dish. The box has the rice and the cup contains the green curry, chicken and vegetables.


Go ahead and pour all of that deliciousness over the rice.


There were lots of large cut veggies hidden inside the cup.


It was a great dinner although the green curry was not as spicy as I like it. Overall, a good food trailer experience but for now I am going to keep Madam Mam’s Green Curry Chicken as my #1 green curry in ATX.


What’s your favorite Thai spot in Austin?






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