Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Happy Thursday! I am so excited to share this recipe with you all! One of my favorite, favorite things in the world is iced coffee on the weekends. I love it. So just in time for the weekend, you all can brew up a tall pitcher of iced coffee to cure that Saturday morning wine-flu.

You’ll need:
Coffee Beans
Cold Water
Plastic Container
Cheese Cloth
Sweetened Condensed Milk (that’s what makes it Vietnamese!)

First, start by grinding up those coffee beans! Cold brew coffee calls for twice as much coffee to the water ratio. For example, I normally make 2 cups of coffee (Line 6 on my coffee pot) with 3 tablespoons of coffee beans. So for cold brew, I used 6 tablespoons of coffee beans for 2 cups of coffee. Or 12 tablespoons of coffee beans for 4 cups (Line 12 on the coffee pot)… you get the idea.

Chicory coffee beans are traditionally used for cold brew but honestly it’s just a matter of taste. I used these Hawaiian flavored beans I found at HEB and it turned out fantastic!

Dump the coffee grinds into a plastic container.

Pour cold water over the grinds.

Let that chill out in the fridge overnight.

The next day, its time to strain the coffee! Here is a little trick I picked up from the Pioneer Woman, use cheese cloth to strain the coffee. It works like a charm! You can also use your normal filters but this worked perfectly. You can find cheese cloth in the baking aisle.

Cut the cheese cloth and place it over your pitcher or whatever you want to serve your coffee out of. I used a rubber band to secure the cheese cloth over the pitcher.

Pour the coffee over the cheese cloth. You will wind up with this pile of coffee grinds.

Squeeze out any nectar of the gods that’s left in there!

Clean that up! You can rinse the cheese cloth and reuse or toss it.

Now the fun part!

Pour the cold coffee over ice.

Sweetened condensed milk is what makes Vietnamese coffee different. You can find sweetened condensed milk in the baking aisle. Scoop a big tablespoon (or two) into the glass and stir it up. You can cover the remaining condensed milk and store it in the fridge.

I’m drooling right now…

Creamy coffee goodness.

Slurp it up!

Enjoy y’all!

Breakfast at Elizabeth Street Cafe

Good Morning! How is everyone enjoying this rainy weather? I actually love the rain. Yes, its true. I love cloudy, cool, rainy, wet weather. Maybe it’s because rain is such a novelty around here but I do enjoy this weather. Makes me want to snuggle with my imaginary crush-lover, eat take-out in bed while watching my all-time favorite movie ever… My Best Friend’s Wedding. Any takers?

No? Ok… fine.

A few months back I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with friends at Elizabeth Street Cafe. While there I caught a glimpse of the breakfast menu and was immediately consumed with the thought of enjoying a Vietnamese iced coffee on the patio while discovering exactly what breakfast Singapore noodles were. One Sunday I pulled my roommate out of bed to go to brunch only to find out that Elizabeth Street Cafe only serves breakfast until 11am. My little heart was broken. But FINALLY last weekend I got the chance to go to breakfast there with my mom and it lived up to all my expectations.


Glimpse at the breakfast menu.

The Vietnamese Coffee comes with its own tiny little coffee press that you let finishing dripping at your table. Heart goes pitter-patter for this adorable little set-up.

After the coffee is finished, pour it over the tall glass of ice.

Stir that up and boom. Delightful Vietnamese iced coffee. What makes it Vietnamese? Sweetened Condensed milk. Its lovely and wonderful.

My mom got the breakfast Bhan Mi. This is the mushroom and egg white one. It was delicious and a generous portion for one.

And these are the Singapore Noodles. They have a spicy kick, so of course, I loved them! The fresh watercress gave a nice cool, earthy flavor. The plate was overflowing with noodles and I actually had enough to take home for another meal. This would be great to share!

Sliding yolk… these were delicious and just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back. Right. Now.

Not a breakfast fan? Check out my visit to Elizabeth Street Cafe for dinner.


Update Alert: I did go back to Elizabeth Street Cafe for breakfast.