Khong River House Miami, FL

Blackberry Lychee House Punch at Khong River House Miami by Natalie Paramore

I’ve been slowly getting all the photos from my recent trip to Florida ready for you. They were just so pretty and I wanted to make sure that they looked as good on here as they did in my mind. So whenever a picture doesn’t come out quite like I remember it, I will fret and analyze and try to tweak it into perfection. Luckily, the photos from Khong River House turned out, well, really pretty! During my trip to Miami we were able to sneak out of the hotel and off to a wonderful dinner at Khong River House. It is an Asian fusion restaurant that is owned by the same people who do Yardbird, which is high on my list for my next trip to Miami. Khong River has a gorgeous bar that produces gems of cocktails like these.

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