Cookies for Breakfast

I ate a really big chocolate chip cookie for breakfast. It happened. It was delicious. I don’t even regret one single morsel.

Sometimes it’s good to start your week off with some extra sweetness.

This weekend I took Mimi out for her first boat ride of the season. Such a little stud!

Our house got flocked this weekend!

And it’s all for a good cause. Go check out the Mark Felice Childhood Cancer Fund for more info.

I actually bought this book to read last summer. Oops. Better late than never. I love a good summer read!

Whenever my Garden&Gun comes in the mail I get really really excited. Ready get lazy with this magazine very soon.

What are your favorite things about summer?

Must Love Dogs

If you’ve been following along, you know that I am posting every day the month of June. And if you’ve been reading my posts for long enough you’ve probably seen my little helper, Mitzi, make appearances in the kitchen. Mitzi who my mom nicknamed Mimi is my little fur ball. She’s a little dog with a BIG personality. To say she’s high maintenance would be down playing it. Outside of the kitchen Mimi’s personality shines even more so I wanted to give you all a glimpse into the other part of my life… Dog Mom.


This is 1st picture I ever took on my very 1st iPhone and no doubt, it was of my girl Mimi.

Mimi loves taking the stuffing out of her animals… pretty typical dog behavior. And I’m positive if she could climb trees there would be a lot fewer squirrels in Austin, TX.

Mimi gives lots of interesting looks… this one is, “What? Mom, leave me alone. I’m lounging”.

When Mimi is awoken too early in the morning… she channels Bob Marley.

“Seriously going to hurt you for this one Mom”

And then there was the time Mimi tried to take on a dog twice her size and got bit. Then she had to wear the cone of shame.

Mimi does not like to be interrupted while watching her tv shows. She will give you the evil eye.

Mimi likes to go on shopping adventures.


“I’m an Alien!”

Sometimes Mimi gets stressed…

“I seriously hate Halloween”

Mimi at her best… lounging leash free at the lake. Isn’t she precious?

She get it from her Mama.

I love my little dog so much!

Any other dog lovers out there? I want to see your best dog photos!