Jacoby’s From Melvin to Austin

Cow lady at Jacoby's Ranch by Natalie Paramore

In case you were as unaware as I was, this is in fact #CowWeek. At least according to Modern Farmer magazine. Which happens to be on of my favorite publications. So I decided it was finally time to share the photos from one of my quick trips this summer. This one was a day trip from Austin to Melvin, TX and back with a bunch of media friends for my client Jacoby’s. Which if you haven’t already, you should totally go check out Jacoby’s for the patio alone. Scroll to the end of the post for some killer views. BUT back to cows. Melvin, TX is about 2 hours north-west-ish from Austin. More west than north. You might pass through if you were going hunting or maybe on a trip to West Texas. Out in Melvin. there is an amazing family, The Jacoby’s, who are doing some really cool stuff with ranching, cattle, feed and oh, yes they have this wonderful cafe. The whole premise of this, is that from this family and little town, came Adam Jacoby, who just opened his own version of Jacoby’s in Austin. Since a lot of you will hopefully make it to Jacoby’s in Austin, I thought I would share some of Melvin with you. First stop on the day trip was the cafe for some lunch. 

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