Strawberry Honey Stack Cakes

Strawberry Honey Cake Stacks by Natalie ParamoreUmm it’s half way through September? How did this happen! I must say the weather has been quite nice in Austin, TX recently. Fall is my absolute fav, fav, fav time of year. So this has put me in an extra good mood! I’ve even put up a few Halloween decorations! Growing up, I always loved the holiday season but the past few years I’ve been a little meh about it all. This year though, I’m feeling more invigorated and excited. I think it’s because of my new apartment digs. There’s something really nice about having your own space. Even though I had great roommates in the past, I’ve been soaking up every second of my time living alone. It’s something I have always wanted to do, living alone that is. There hasn’t really been a day where I’ve felt lonely. That is probably because between my dog, job, events, travel and keeping up with this little blog there is hardly time to just chill out. And I am totally ok with that! I think the busier I am,¬†the better I am for the most part. When my plate is full I am better about keeping up with all the little tasks than when I have extra time. Those are the times when I feel like I have forever to get something done so I just convince myself its ok to put it off a little longer. Not the case!

Strawberry Honey Cakes by Natalie Paramore

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Warm Honey Lemon Water

Warm Honey Lemon Water 4Lately I have been sprucing up my morning routine. I have to admit I was sorta of getting in a little rut. Waking up late, skipping breakfast or grabbing tacos on the way into the office, maybe skipping that morning shower or walk with dog, you know normal running out the door kind of stuff. Now this comes as a little surprise to me since I have always been, or at least considered myself to be, a morning person. I love mornings. I love getting up early and getting things done while everyone else is sleeping. It makes me feel productive and energized throughout the rest of my day. So when this habit started to slip a little bit, so did everything else. It was like having life clutter or something. I was losing those precious hours and its not like I that extra sleep was helping, my alarm was still going off I was just choosing to snooze right on through. Now, I am still occasionally guilty of that, but really I have been trying to get back on the wagon with a great morning routine.

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Toasted Asparagus and Honey Crostinis

My kitchen has turned into the ultimate¬†revolving door with friends, and friends of friends, popping in several times a week. Many times unexpectedly, which is exactly how I like it. Growing up I always wanted to live in a house that was bursting with friends, family and lots of pets! Now as a pseudo-adult, I’ve been able to somewhat create that feeling in my house. With friends popping in all the time, I have come up with a few quick go-to dishes and appetizers that I can throw together in no time. This is great for sharing and easy to transport if you want to take to a potluck!

You’ll need:
French Bread
Ricotta (I like to use part-skim)
Garlic Salt
Olive oil

First, slice the french bread into one inch thick slices.

Drizzle one side of each french bread slice with olive oil. I used about one tablespoon of olive oil for 6 crostinis.

Sprinkle the french bread with garlic salt and black pepper.

Smear each piece with a thin layer of ricotta cheese.

Slice pieces of asparagus to fit the length of the crostini.

Place crostinis on a baking sheet lined with foil. Toast at 350 degrees for 5-6 minutes or until edges are crispy.

Nice crispy edges!

Drizzle each piece lightly with honey.

Perfect as an appetizer or snack!


What is your favorite snack to share?