Fit Fridays with Jordan Jones from Camp Gladiator

Jordan Jones
This week’s Fit Friday is with Jordan Jones from Camp Gladiator! Most M,W,F mornings at 6:30 am you can find me sweating it out with him and a bunch of other people at Audishores. That is Camp Gladiator speak for Auditorium Shores, which is the location that we work out at. I have to tell y’all the view from the Long Center every morning is gorgeous and quite possibly one the best things about my morning! I have been going to Camp Gladiator since about last September, some weeks a little more consistently than others haha. The workouts are always tough, but I’ve met lots of new friends and I actually look forward to going each morning, imagine that! But seriously joining Camp Gladiator has been one of the best things I’ve done the past few months. It makes me feel a little bit better about drinking all that wine and eating all those pies!

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