Mulled Wine and Ginger Beer Cocktail

Red wine and ginger beer, maybe two of my favorite beverages ever? Possibly. I never thought to put them together until I recently when I attended a pop-up dinner and they served a version of this drink with the main course. I loved the combo of the seasonal wine with the sprightly tickle of the ginger beer. It was one of the more refreshing holiday themed cocktails I’ve had in a while. The wine makes it perfect for pairing with food, but the ginger switches it up a bit to give a different twist.

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-OverheadAhhh. That’s the sound that comes to mind as I am writing about this drink.

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-ingredientsFor this recipe, you’ll need:

1 bottle red wine

3 cinnamon sticks

1 teaspoon of cloves

3 orange peels (about one small orange)

8 ounces of ginger beer

Serves 4

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-wine-pourFirst, pour the entire bottle of wine into a pot. Yes, the whole bottle.

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-orange-peeledSlice the peel off of the orange.

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-orange-peelToss those into the pot.

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-cinnamon-sticksNext add the cinnamon sticks.

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-clovesAnd the cloves!

Stir everything together and simmer over medium heat for 25 minutes or until very fragrant. Do not let the wine boil. Hello that will kill the alcohol!

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-top-strainNext, strain the mulling spices from the wine. Place a colander over a pitcher and pour the wine. Do this over a sink, it can get messy!

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-strainToss the spices away.

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-ginger-pourPour the ginger beer over ice into a glass. You could also combine the ginger beer with the wine in the pitcher and let people serve themselves.

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-tallAdd the mulled wine and you have the perfect cocktail for sipping at the dinner table!

Mulled-Wine-and-Ginger-Beer-Cocktail_Natalie-Paramore-FrontWhat are your favorite drinks to serve with dinner?

Arugula, Ginger Beer and Tito’s Vodka

After some long talks about cocktails during a recent trip to Santa Barbara, I have been dying to use arugula in a drink. I know you’re thinking, arugula, what? Why? Well, honestly, I’m not really sure why. It sounded fresh, a little spicy as far as greens go and not too sweet. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing me out on the town in the past few months, then you are well aware of how much I love Moscow mules. These ginger beer infused vodka cocktails are served ice cold, often times in copper mugs. I love the tickle they give on the back of my throat.

Originally, I had the thought to use Gin and tonic for the base of this drink but then I went with Tito’s Vodka and ginger beer. I subbed a mason jar for the copper mug, added some arugula, lemon and club soda for extra fizz and called it a day.


You’ll need:
1 shot of Tito’s vodka
4 oz of ginger beer (I picked up this ginger beer at Whole Foods)
2-3 sprigs of fresh arugula
1/2 a lemon
dash of club soda
Crushed ice
Martini Shaker

Fill a martini shaker up half way with crushed ice. Then add about 4oz of ginger beer.

oohhh fizzy. Tickled my nose!

Add a shot of ice cold Tito’s Vodka.

Add a dash of club soda. Pour just for 1 second, literally just a dash.

Squeeze in the juice of half of a lemon. Be sure to remove the seeds.

Shake shake shake!

Pour the drink with the ice into a mason jar or serving glass of your choice. Then add the 2-3 sprigs of fresh arugula.

With a spoon lightly muddle the arugula into the drink. This means squish down the arugula leaves. Kind of like how mint is muddled in a Mojito, except do not completely crush the leaves, just a tad.

Super crisp and fresh just in time for patio season!


I’m hoping to include more cocktails and fun summer drinks on Food Fetish, any suggestions on what you want to see?