Dove’s Luncheonette in Chicago, IL

Chicago_Dove's Luncheonette Lunch

I am totally wishing (hoping, planning and praying) that I was in Chicago this weekend! Seriously! I went to UT so my social media feeds are littered with friends who made the trip up there this weekend to watch the UT/Notre Dame game. College football season evokes a lot of nostalgic feelings for me. Back when I was in college (OMG I sound old haha) the Longhorns played some seriously good football. Like National Championship worthy football. Needless to say I spent many a fall Saturday planning my life around college football. Hook ’em forever!

I am not in Chicago this weekend, but I am still dreaming about my meal at Dove’s Luncheonette. Friends: if you are in Chicago you must go here! Seriously, do it. Go right now! It’s the ultimate in diner food. Think top notch ingredients cooked to perfection with nice kick of heat plus great cocktails and some scrumptious sweets to boot! It’s perfect for curing that Saturday morning hangover, or lunch, or late night after the game, or Wednesday, or… or you get the point! It’s great anytime!

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Take A Trip: 48 Hours in Chicago

Chicago_Sign Chicago_River

Y’all I am so excited about this next project I have been working on for the blog! It’s called Take A Trip! Every Thursday this month I am going to share with you some of my favorite trips I’ve taken. I have always let you guys in on my travels, but now I am just making it more official! For cases of this blog a trip can constitute quite a few things, anything from my favorite stroll down South Congress, What to do During a 7hr Layover in Miami and day trips and staycations around Austin and Texas are all things that are currently in the works! Of course, my bigger trips will make rock star appearances too! And all your favorite foodie travel posts from the past will still live on here on the blog!

I get so much of my food and recipe inspiration from traveling, so it is only natural that I share that here! This blog was always meant to be a bit of an evolutionary process, that as I grow as a person, it would grow with me! Hence it just being called and not really having an official name. Thanks for hanging with me as I try to grow this little food journal 🙂 Y’all are awesome!

Ok now onto 48 Hours in Chicago! Which includes a guide on where I stayed, ate and had fun all weekend!

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This past weekend I went to Chicago with my lovely friend Kendall Hawkins.

We ran the half marathon, my first and her third, and ate… A lot. I wanted to share all the awesome photos. Enjoy!


We asked the concierge at our hotel for a salad and sandwich place that was walking distance. She recommended this adorable place Pastoral. The restaurant was tiny with super friendly and knowledgable staff. Above is the Harvest Salad, field greens with prosciutto bacon and blue cheese, which I gobbled up in no time!


This is the Spanish cheese and olive plate. It was so yummy. I can’t even remember all the lovely cheese but there was one that was rosemary flavored and I practically fell in love. There was also this great olive bar and you can try all the different olives your heart desires. My favorite were the garlic olives, which are shown above.


At the last minute, Kendall splurged on this chocolate chip cookie with potato chips. Perfect salty and sweet treat!


For dinner Friday night before the big race, we went to Quartino. It was a great Italian place right downtown.


This was another great cheese and olive sampling plate. We had a great mix of prosciutto, Gorgonzola, parmigiano, artichokes, roasted peppers and few other pairings. Definitely was plenty to share!


We may have gobbled up the pasta dishes before I could snap a picture… That’s how good they were! But above is our dessert, yummy homemade doughnuts with powered sugar and chocolate sauce. Devine!


Here is picture of our group!
Left: Daniela, Kendall, me and Suzie


I woke up to this gorgeous view from our hotel and was ready to run those 13.1 miles!!


Kendall and I before the big race. We could not have asked for better running weather. In the low 50s, sunny, brisk and not very windy!!


This was the post race grab bag of food. It included a whole wheat bagel, banana, cheese stick and peanuts. Water and Gatorade of course were on hand.


We finished the race, survived actually! We finished in exactly 2hrs and 15min!!
The race route was gorgeous, started in Grant park then up Lakeshore drive to Lincoln park then back down Lakeshore to Grant park again. It was an awesome way to see the city!


Post race we were ready to celebrate! I, of course, had to have a bloody Mary! The rest of the team celebrated with a variety of beers.


We brunched at this great place, Pierrot Gourmet. They had a wonderful Oktoberfest spread. Above is the lentil soup, which to be completely honest, I thought was a questionable choice. I could not have been more wrong, it was delicious! That’s sausage she’s cutting, which was perfect with the thick soup. Now I am determined to make lentil soup!!


Kendall ordered this awesome florentine frittata, yum!


I went with the PG breakfast flatbread and was not disappointed!


This was a Swiss cheese flatbread that Daniela’s husband got. Very good!


This was a bite of the Weiner Schnitzel, so good, especially post race. And of course, an Oktoberfest special!


After we napped and came out of our food and race induced coma, we went out to enjoy Halloween festivities dressed as little Indians!


The next day we had to get some more great Italian and we went to Lou Malnati’s.

This is a slice of the stuffed spinach bread, which was quite yummy. It was not what I was expecting though, it was a small loaf of bread that is literally baked with the spinach, cheese and garlic inside!


I had to try the spicy, Chicago style bloody Mary. It was right up my alley! And yes, those are little pepperonis and olives on the toothpick.


This is a big slice of the deep dish pizza. Ours was sausage and pepperoni ( guys choice) haha

Of course, as the saying goes… When in Rome… It was my favorite of the two pizzas we got. The deep pizza came out in this big, black dish that the waiter had to use tongs to carry. The pizzas stay on a tray next to your table while you eat because they are too big for the table!


Lastly, this is the spinach and tomato thin crust pizza. It was not really thin crust though, haha.