Brunch at Caffe DeLucchi San Francisco, CA

Oh hello friends! I am currently writing this post from 30,000 feet. Did you all have a good Halloween weekend? Anyone try these Salted Caramel Apple Slices?


I was in San Francisco this past weekend and had brunch at this wonderful little place called Caffe DeLucchi. This place is a little street side cafe with super friendly staff. We got there early, which I recommend, it fills up fast. There are tables outside and you can bring your pup. The cafe is small and I would not recommend it for a large party. Perfect for a more intimate group.

I got the Polenta with Cajun Etouffe. It was thick and delicious. Lots of shrimp, sausage and okra, all over a huge serving of creamy polenta. I love polenta. Oh and there were some poached eggs too. Mmmm yum.

There was also a Ham and Cheddar Breakfast pizza involved. I am not the biggest ham fan, but this ham was actually pretty tender with the perfect amount of saltiness. I really liked the green onions with this as well. I’ve really been a fan of breakfast pizzas and sandwiches lately. Expect more those types of recipes to be coming.

Of course while in San Francisco this weekend, I watched a few Giants games. Oh did you see they won the World Series?? Yeah, that was fun!

We picked up a few different kinds of beer to try during the games. Hell or High Watermelon was definitely watermlon-y. I think it would be super refreshing during the hot Texas summers. We also tried Pumpkin Ale. This one is for sure a novelty. It was good but I could only suck down one at a time. It has a pumpkin tingle and is very heavy. Definitely worth trying at least once this fall!

Oh and did I tell you I dressed up as Wilma Flintstone?!? What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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