Bess Bistro New Fall Menu Austin, TX- Now Closed.

Bess Bistro Rosemary Cocktail by Natalie Paramore

Cheers to fall menus! And fall cocktails! Hooray for my favorite time of the year. Not to mention celebrating many life changes, like my new job! I am still working with one of my favorite restaurants, Swift’s Attic, doing their public relations and marketing, but I have been loving the change and having a bit more time for myself. I read recently that fall is the beginning of a new year in many ways, especially those who run on physical year calendars. Everything starts afresh in the fall. The changing colors, flavors and lifestyles. I am relishing in the freshness fall brings, especially in Austin. The summer heat can be mind numbing and the sweat is just… gross. I’ve been working out early in the mornings at Auditorium Shores and the crisp morning air and sunrise over the city has to be one the best ways to start any morning. Goodbye summer doldrums, hello gorgeous fall leaves!

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be invited to try the new fall menu at Bess Bistro. They have a new chef, new management and a freshness about it only fall can bring. These photos were snapped in the dark, romantic dining cellar so I apologize for the graininess. I had the thought to go back and photograph the gorgeous dishes on the new stunningly adorable patio, but alas there are only so many hours in the day. Plus, I thought that a little perspective about how many of my meals are enjoyed would be nice. This evening I was able to bring a friend along with me, so the company was as delicious as the food. There was a point in my blogging life that I wouldn’t dare post a photo that wasn’t as good as I thought it could be, but now it’s more about being real for me and sentiment behind the photo. I can’t only¬†ever go to lunch on a sunny day, drag my DSLR with me and sit by the window haha. I often eat late at night, especially on evenings I go out with friends, because that’s when I finally have time in the day!

Bess BistroSo, back to Bess Bistro. This meal started like many, asking the server her recommendations about the cocktails. She suggested the Mayflower 11, which she aptly described as Christmas in a glass. The cranberry preserves, orange bitters and rosemary were as fragrant as they were memorable. Next up, were the semolina dusted artichokes. We actually weren’t planning to order these but my friend happened to also be the manager and she insisted. She was totally right! These were my favorite of the night. So delicious in fact, I probably nibbled on these a bit too much so early in the meal. I hope this dish stays on for a while! We also had the mussels in a spiced tomato broth with grilled ciabatta and pork lardons, a winner as well.

Bess Bistro Scallops by Natalie Paramore

We split the burger, but the seared diver scallops stole the show. The sunchoke puree and carrot risotto complemented the dish beautifully.

Bess Bistro Table by Natalie Paramore

The table was full and so were our bellies when we left. We took a tour of the upstairs patio, and both agreed we would be back to enjoy the cool autumn evenings. The patio is tucked nicely away from the street, only viewable through twinkle lite trees.

What new fall menus have you tried so far? What are some of your favorites?

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