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I started this blog back in 2011 when I was stuck in a boring desk job. Somewhere along the along the line enough adults, advisers and other well-intentioned folks got it in my head that I would never be able to make a living writing and taking pictures. So I went down the path of formal education and was lucky enough to get a job with full benefits during the height of the recession. Sadly though, I was terrible bored and wasn’t excelling in life.

I spent a lot of my days dreaming about what my next meal would be and making reservations at all the new restaurants. It wasn’t long before people started to notice, ask questions and want recipes and photos of my meals. I decided it was a lot easier to start a website than explain all of this over Twitter, thus the blog was born!

Now I spend my days working with a restaurant group doing social media and PR. I also do freelance writing &¬†photography, public relations & consulting, as well as recipe development! You can check out some of my work here. My days are much happier now that I have found a way to work my passion into my everyday! It wasn’t easy and sure didn’t come quick at first, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love what I do now and hope that you’ll follow along with me on this little journey!

Homemade Farfalle Beet Pasta by Natalie Paramore

What You’ll Find Here:

Obviously food, duh! That was what started this whole thing! I write about restaurants and make recipes, because I’m pretty much always that person who while still eating lunch is already asking what’s for dinner!

It wasn’t long before my travel plans started to get taken over by where I could get a reservation, what bars were new in that city and how many wineries is it actually acceptable to visit in a day. I am still trying to answer that last one!

As of 2015, I’ve two new columns: Fit Fridays and Take A Trip! Fit Fridays are my way of balancing all the gluttony with some fun and inspiring fitness movers and shakers! I have always loved working out (I know thats not the case for everyone!) but I love the way I feel afterward and it helps negate a few of the extra calories. I love to switch up my work outs and am always trying new things, so I decide to share it here! Plus, I think your health is one the most important things anyone can invest in. If you aren’t healthy and feeling good about yourself, its hard to enjoy a lot of other things. So here’s to happiness y’all!

Take A Trip! could be anything! Sometimes it’s my latest vacation, other times it might be my favorite staycation or even daycation in town! Sometimes you just need a quick car trip or even exploring a new part of town to get a little adventure in your life! I’ve always loved planning adventures with my friends! If you can’t tell, it’s hard for me to sit still and I love, love, love trying out new things, so come along with me!

I love hearing from you all, so please drop me a line anytime at natalie (at)